From teeny organisms and time to Mayans and back!

Mrs Sharpley and Mrs Gains - 02 May 2022

In the last week before Easter and this week, the class has given 110%! The children in Y6 have focused on problem solving in maths, answering two and three step problems involving all four operations.  


We also focused on finding the area of a parallelogram where we looked carefully at finding the perpendicular angle within the parallelogram to help us find the area of the shape.  In SPAG activities we reviewed direct punctuation, nouns, adjectives and verbs. 

RE before the hols became a very creative art lesson where we made water lilies using some origami skills and a range of materials.


This linked in with the end of our prayer topic where we wrote short prayers on each leaf and we used this time as a reflection - thinking about our world, ourselves and our environment. 

This week, in Science, we also looked at how our microbiology experiment had progressed. We all guessed that our unwashed hands would have had the most bacteria, but I don't think we expected it to 'grow'! As we have been learning this week about how all living things reproduce sexually or asexually, we have since found out that bacteria are living things that can just reproduce on their own. We also found out that the patterning meant there were one or two viruses in there as well!!

This week we had a go at reproducing plant reproduction ourselves using bean seeds as part of the sexual reproduction cycle and taking geranium cuttings to see if we can create geranium clones asexually. We discussed what a great business venture this could be if it works!


We also found that one of our geranium plants had become a kind of microhabitat (look carefully for another geranium loving animal!)




Since Easter, w
e have become time experts this week, focusing on reading the 12 and 24 hour clock to the nearest minute! We also began to solve problems by adding and subtracting time. 

In history and reading this week we started a new topic on Maya History. The children also used their Geography skills for this topic, reading globes and atlases as well as google maps to find and locate central America and then they identified the main Maya cities such as Coba, Copan and Tikal. We also looked at some key historical events within the Maya timeline period and we ordered these chronologically on a timeline as well as doing some internet research to find some amazing images of the temples still standing.




 Hope you all had a very happy, peaceful and relaxing Easter! Well done to the children for returning from their holidays and getting stuck into their work straight away. Don't forget EVERYONE to keep practising your TT Rockstars every day. What an amazing sdifference it make when you do. We have set a Comets vs Asteroids TT Rockstars competition starting today and finishing on Wednesday morning - so keep rockstarring!

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