Wondering about the world!

03 Apr 2022

The children have worked so hard on their writing this week creating some super newspaper reports, ranging from wildfires in Australia to avalanches in Italy! This week we focused on incorporating the 5 Ws - who, what, where, when and why.We also used quotations within our report and made sure direct speech and reported speech were used effectively. In English, we also typed and edited our stories, as well as writing letters to Sam and James to thank them for their visit.

In maths we learnt to find the volume of a cuboid, and became confident at multiplying 3 numbers. The children also used isometric paper to draw 3D shapes which they had created with multi link! They really enjoyed this! We have also been learning about negative numbers. The children thought of a number of places in real life where they might encounter negative numbers including thermometers, lifts and even lines of latitude and longitude.

In RE we focused on three very important prayers; the Lord’s Prayer for Christians, a Muslim prayer called the First Surah of the Qur’an and finally the Hindi Gayatri Mantra. We thought carefully about each prayer and went on to write our own prayer using features of the three prayers. We discussed what prayers we liked and what these prayers really asked for. The children were very reflective and thoughtful and consequently they enjoyed producing their own personal prayers.

In ICT, the children have had great fun learning about how to add sounds to files, for example, to bring a story to life and in Science we have been asking the question: 'What does a seed need to germinate?' We have been carrying our experiments to explore our ideas. We were suprised to find out that a seed needs neither light nor soil to germinate as long as it has water and warmth. However, we did conclude that the seeds without light did not look healthy.

The children have asked some amazing questions as a result of our growing knowledge of plant fertilisation. For example we have found out that new varieties of plants can be made by transferring pollen between different types. As a result of this, some of the children asked if different types of animals can be made! We then discussed Cockerpoo dogs and how these were a mixture of Cocker Spaniels and Poodles. We looked some up on the internet. I'm very proud of the way they are holding onto their knowledge and starting to apply what they know in science to wonder about the world around them.

In Collective Worship - our newsflash Friday - we considered how much humans really know about heaven and earth and how we feel about this. We looked at recent news about unidentified animals which had been found in Australia. We wondered how we felt about the fact that there is so much that humans still don't know...

When we thought about it, most of us decided that it was ok - in fact, it might be best - not to know everything. Big thoughts...!

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