Mrs Sharpley - 23 Jan 2022

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     In Asteroid and Comet class this week we have had great fun starting our Design Technology Unit learning about food. We made Japanese fruit skewers and showed excellent cutting skills, working safely and sensibly and demonstrating super listening. To tie in with our work on climates, we considered what food is grown in the UK and what is grown further afield; seasonal food is our next consideration.

In Geography, we began to map six main different climates of the world on the globe. We revised the continents of the world and we noticed that countries with hotter climates are located near the equator. We learned that we live in a temperate climate with four seasons and that cold and temperate climates are mostly between the arctic and the tropic of cancer in the north and between the Antarctic and the tropic of Capricorn in the south. Next time, we will be learning which particular countries are in particular climate zones.
In Science, we learned about food chains in more detail. We learned the words producer and consumer and found out about the vital role of the sun in all life on earth. We used the leaves we found in the Forest School are last week to research local food chains.

In PSHE, we focussed on ‘Rights’ and ‘Responsibilities’. The class came up with some brilliant thoughts about what we might expect to have as our right growing up. For example, clean air, clean water, good food. Some great suggestions were made as to how this is part of our responsibility too, to not waste food and take care of our environment in different ways, as well as looking after each other by donating to charities and food banks. We looked at the impact if even one part of the food chain, such as aphids were all destroyed by pesticides and how this might reduce all our wildlife.
We are also very fortunate that on Thursday afternoons, we have the opportunity to learn ‘fencing’ with Sports Cool. That is the combat type, not the farming type!

We have also started some TT Rockstars tournaments in earnest. It is currently Comets vs. Asteroids, so please encourage the children to login to TT Rockstars before the deadline at 9 am Wednesday. The children should be very proud of their improving times tables recall. We can all see the massive difference this is making in their speed of progress across all mathematics.

In English, we have been using alliteration, relative clauses and simile to add detail and liveliness to our writing – our inspiration continues our ‘Life on Earth’ theme and is based on The Gorilla!

Overall, what a brilliant week we have had!

Oh ...and if you get chance... The Green Planet with David Attenborough on BBC2 is an amazing watch for the children. We watched a small snippet of it in class on catch up and it helped us to understand all about photosysnthesis! Ask the children what they can remember!


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