Introducing Habitats and Climates

Mrs Sharpley - 17 Jan 2022


This week, we have begun our 'Life on Earth' topic, starting with ourselves and starting from the environment near to us. We are going to write biographies of famous naturalists, but first of all, we have started our own autobiography which will go nicely with the beautiful artwork featuring ourselves which we created last week. 

In Science, we started to revise prior work on Living things in their habitats to see how much we could recall. We explored our own woodland (Forest School) habitat and looked for evidence of the different types of trees and plants there. Having done so, some of us began to research the animals which thrive on these tree types ready for us to revise food chains, the seven life processes and our knowledge of local animals and habitats. In Geography, we began our work on learning about the different climate zones of the world by seeing how many features of different climates we soulc match with pictures and in art, we revised pencil sketching from last term, remembering which pencil grades might be good to create different levels of detail or darkness - our subject was, not surprisingly, the bark of the trees we had explored in Science.

In maths, we are revising 'measure' with Mrs Marley and we have recapped formal multiplication with Mrs Sharpley, applying this to word problems and moving us along to multiplication with decimals. We are all working really hard at improving our mental recall of multiplication facts and we are proud to say that everyone in our class has iproved the speed and accuracy of their times tables since December. We need to keep at it though: our class goal is to get to 3 seconds or under!
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