Being Creative

Mrs Sharpley - 19 Nov 2021

This has been a very creative couple of weeks in Asteroid Class and, as 'Being Creative' is our overarching them for the half term, I can proudly say that we have been creative in many many different ways - even in assessment week this week.

In English we have been putting our creativity to good use, looking at Roald Dahl's fun and lively writing style in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as inspiration for our own narrative wrting and as we recreate the moment that the starving Charlie Bucket finds 50p and visits his local sweet shop to buy first one...and then another bar of chocolate... We have also been writing about discrimaination in English and PSHE as part of our writing assessment, looking at when Dr. Who travelled back in time and landed on the bus during the Rosa Parks incident in 1955. We also travelled back in time and decided to write to President Eisenhower to complain about segregation laws.

In Maths, we have been dividing large numbers and some of us have been creating arrays to show how multiplication and division are linked to each other. In Forest School we have continued our Science work on 'States of Matter' outside in the wild. What fun!

In Art we have been revising our three primary colours and mixing them on a colour wheel to see how every colour can be made from combinations of red, blue anf yellow. 


We have then been using our sketching and painting to create our representation of  a frieze to represent the main themes of the bible . This has helped us to revisit  and check our knowledge of the main themes of the Bible in RE which we learned about last term.

Our finished artwork will be in display in the school hall. We have also used our sketching skills to help us revisit and talk about the the 'States of Matter' Science work we did with Madeleine in Forest School. Ask us what temperature water boils at and how we know that it is boiling.

On Thursday afternoon we joined with many many other schools across North Yorkshire to hold our own COP26 Environment Summit. We listened to a local author read the children's book she has written and had published about some polar bears who come and ask some school children to help them come up with a plan to help them save the ice pack at the North Pole. It is called, 'Can we really help the Polar bears' by Katie Daynes. We contributed to a vote at the end to predge our help to the environment efforts. Our class wanted to recycle more and plant trees!



We joined in the group chat and we were very excited to be mentioned by name by the Director of North Yorkshire County Council.

We 'got creative' and drew quick sketches of some of the things we would like to invent to help us use less fossil fuel. The children were very keen on the idea of electric and solar-powered vehicles:

Slide Show 

 We also drew pictures representing some of our worries about the environment.

Slide Show 

Finally we joined in an online 'environment wave', where we literally waved our message (written on our own handprints) to the world to help us improve the environment. Our school were VERY enthusiastic at getting their messages across. Here's a picture of us waving and some of our messages:

Slide Show 

So many of the children were super creative too when they entered our 'Strictly St Nicholas' talent show and 'Bakeoff'.

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 Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone!

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