Asteroid Class - Goodbye to Beowolf and hello to Art

Mrs Sharpley - 12 Nov 2021

 This week we ended our history work by exploring sources of information and how they can help us find out about the past. We considered whether an artist's drawing might or might not be a reliable source of evidence and we also found out how mistakes can be made when things are told by word of mouth from one person to another.



We also had a little peek at the oldest adventure story in England - Beowolf and wondered what that could tell us about Anglo Saxon life.  Following a video talk with a curator of the British Museum, Asteroid and Comet class even worked out whether a king buried at Sutton Hoo was left or right handed by the positioning of his sword.

In art, we also revised our knowledge of pencil hardnesses and selected pencils we thought would be best for capturing the fine detail of the Anglo Saxon artefacts we wanted to draw. The children did an amazing job of looking really carefully at these artefacts for the finest of details - and now we know that looking for the slightest sign of wear on a sword can be a clue as to its owner, they looked and recorded everything they saw even more carefully. Look at these lovely pencil drawings.

Slide Show 
We also started to use pencils to create a picture to represent the Anglo Saxon Funeral of a Great King or Beowolf in a Saxon ship, using our knowledge of different warrior artefacts and selecting some for him to carry on board to the next life.

In Forest School, we made an exciting start to our new Science Topic 'Changing States'. Madeleine helped the children to identify how we know when water is boiling, she helped them to discover the temperature at which this happens and all the children started to wonder why the temeperature didnt rise after boiling and why there was so much steam. Hmmmm.... We are looking forward to learning more in Science and Forest School next week.




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