Confident Commuicators

Mrs Sharpley - 16 Oct 2021

In PSHE this week, the children in Asteroid and Comet Classes have been thinking about who they would communicate with if they had a problem or something they needed to talk about. We have been discussing who is a trusted adult and how there are trusted adults in all aspects of our lives who we can share our worries and successes with when we need to.

Asteroids have also been continuing their work on how to use our writing to help us confidently speak out and even persuade others to do something. We have finished shaping up our speech writing techniques. We have really enjoyed reading out our work to the rest of the class and we will be ready to write and perform more of our own speeches next week.

In maths, we have been continuing our working on 'inverse operations', looking at how addition and subtraction 'undo' each other and how number sentences 'fact families' can be made from just one set of facts.

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We have also been learning about decimal place value up to thousandths and are now starting to use our knowledge of place value to multiply and divide decimals and whole numbers by 10, 100 and 1000.

This week we launched our RE work. Everyone in the Federation is doing this work at the same time and Asteroid and Comet Classes have had fun working in groups to think about what a 'WORLDVIEW' is. The children have been amazing in their work on seeing things from different perspectives and points of view. They really have a grasp on the fact that we all see things differently depending on our own experiences, knowledge and beliefs and that this can change as we get older. 

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Ask the children about the video clips we watched where you can see things differently depending on your perspective or follow these links.

They really made us think.

We have also started studying a beautiful piece of artwork created to help everyone undertanding the main themes of Christianity. The children used their powers of observation and they confidently communicated their ideas to each other about the pictures. They sometimes had to negotiate in their group when they didn't agree what the artwork was about.

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Another great week. Please don't forget to read at home EVERY day for your homework. We have been talking about how reading anything and everything we can expand our WORLDVIEW.

Enjoy your weekend everyone.

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