Ancestors, Harvest and Forest School Fun

Mrs Sharpley - 09 Oct 2021

This week Asteroid/ Comet class have been delving into our ancestry. We have been finding out who our Anglo Saxons predecessors were. We revised our knowledge of northern European countries nearby to help us understand where they travelled from to our island. Ask the children who the three main invaders were who made up the Anglo Saxons in Britain, who had invaded Britain before them and who invaded our shores afterwards.

We have also been finding out the names of the 7 main 'kingdoms' of England in those times and where they were. We may be able to recall one or two of the main ones so far.

We also quizzed ourselves on what we could remember about our light topic in Science - we all know more about light now - and how it helps us to see - than we did when we started.

In Forest School, we used shadows to revised our understanding of our universe; in particular  we noticed that shadows become longer towards midday and shorter again towards evening as the sun appear to be higher and lower in the sky. We remembered that the earth rotates which makes it look like the sun is moving.

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We also made leaf prints and the children taught the other, who hadn't learned yet, how to make a fire outside. 

In Maths, some of us have been working on our instant recall of number facts and how these facts can make fact families. We have also been learning to add tenths. We have continued our work on formal addition and subtraction but we have been underpinning this by an understanding of the important link between decimal fractions, improper fractions, place value and decimal numbers. For example, we know that 6 tenths add 7 tenths is 13 tenths, but we do not write this as 0.13 because ten tenths make one whole and so 13 tenths is one whole and three tenths which is 1.3

In English we have been continuing our speech writing and performing with a speech we performed at the Harvest Service on Thursday. We were so proud of the children standing up in public and making a speech to ask people to support their charity. The children were grateful and delighted at the generous response from the congregation. Comets helped us enjoy National Poetry Day with their brilliantly performed poem.

We were particularly proud of the children speaking in public as there has been so little opportunity to do this outside school in the last year and a half.
busy day!

Also, well done to everyone who brought a poem to school to celebrate national poetry day on Thursday. What a 

More photos to add when I can download them.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend.

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