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Week Commencing 2nd November 2020

06 Nov 2020

Happy November! We hope that you all had a lovely, restful half term. After talking to the children on Monday it sounds like you all had a fantastic week. We discussed the new lockdown restrictions with the children and talked about any concerns that the children may have - many of the children were worried about the clubs/activities that they would have to miss. We have recognised that this is a difficult time for all and have reassured children that things will be as normal as possible at school and if they have any worries at all they can always come and talk to us.

As the current situation with the pandemic is changing rapidly we have spent the week ensuring that we have everything in place should we need to move to remote learning at any time.This is not something we hope will happen and we certainly don't have any more knowledge than you! We thank you for your patience whilst we have had their reading records in school this week. The children will be bringing their reading records home this evening and you will find that they have all the necessary log ins on the inside of the front page. The children have checked that all of these log ins work apart from the TEAMs log in. Please can you make sure that the children can log on to TEAMs by Monday (as requested in the email) and let us know if there are any problems. We will work through the children who have strugled to log in on Monday and request any necessary password resets then. Reading records can begin to be sent back in each day as they were before the school closures earlier this year. It is really important that children are reading at home regularly and that we can see this recorded in their reading records. 

This week in Maths we have been looking at multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1,000. We looked at the power of 10 and how when we multiply and divide by one of these powers the digits move rather than just adding a zero on the end. This has been particularly important for the Year 5/6 children who have had to work with decimal numbers. The MyMaths homework for this week will reflect the learning that we have done. We will also be putting sessions each week on TT Rockstars on a Tuesday which must be completed by the following Tuesday. Knowing their table facts by heart is vital to so many different areas of mathematics.

In Guided Reading the children have started a new book, although they have not yet seen the book! We looked at a selection of props on Monday from the book and the children used these to make predictions. They then looked at a word cloud using words from the blurb and some parts of the front cover to consider where the story might be set, who is in the story and what might happen in the story. They came up with some amazing predictions and are very excited to see what the book is next week. I wonder if any of you are right?

We started our new History topic on The Victorians this week. We looked at an image of Queen Victoria and thought about what this suggested about her and then created a world history timeline considering where to place different periods of history and where The Victorians sat. The children have been given an activity on SeeSaw to complete where they have been asked to share fascinating facts about The Victorians. 

In RE we looked at our new Big Question that will form our learning on Religion and World Views this half term. The Year 3/4 children will be considering 'Why are festivals important to religious communities?' and the Year 5/6 children will be considering 'Is it better to express your beliefs in art and architecture or in charity and generosity?' We looked at how huge these questions were and what our intitial thoughts were. The Year 3/4 children then went on to think about what is worth celebrating and what celebrations they have taken part in whereas the Year 5/6 children thought about what makes a place special. They looked at what a sacred place was, if all places are sacred and what the value of a sacred place is. 

We thank you for your patience and support during the first half term whilst we got to grips with some very new ways of working at St Nicholas. We are constantly reviewing and at times changing the way we work in Panthers and the children are, as always, very resilient and amaze us with their adaptability. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns or worries. Have a lovely weekend. 

One of the Panthers has been awarded the 'Above and Beyond' certificate.  This is our very first award of this kind and we are very excited to share this news with you.

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