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Week Commencing 8th June 2020

07 Jun 2020

Good morning Panthers. 

I hope that you are well. Mrs Harris and Mrs Hatch are excited to welome some of you back into school today. We are sad that it's not all of you, but for now it is not safe for that. I will be available on the email each day from 9-10am still to speak to any of you if you want to say hello or share the work that you have been doing. 

If you are going back to school today, we know that you may be feeling a little unsure and worried (the teachers are too). When you arrive at school you will wait by the gate for a teacher to come and collect you. You will walk into school and put your coat on the back of your chair. The classroom may look a little different to before - I have included some pictures below. You will have your own table with all the things you will need. You will eat your lunch in the classroom too (which may feel a little strange). Playtimes will feel different as we won't all be out together and the teachers may remind you to keep 2m apart. Please dont be scared; these changes are to keep you and the teacher safe and we will do lots of talking where you will be able to ask any questions about things that may be bothering you. 





Thank you to those of you who got in touch with us last week about the new daily planning. We understand that the document we sent out was a little overwhelming for some of you and tricky to find the work that you were meant to be doing. We have played around with the format and have made a separate grid for each year group now. Have a look at today's grid and let us know what you think. 

We are missing you all terrribly and can't wait for the day that we will all be back in school together again having fun and laughing with our friends. For now stay safe and work hard!

Miss Asker.



Year 3 daily plan 

  -Year 3 - 8.6.20.pdf-  

Year 4 daily plan

  -Year 4 - 8.6.20.pdf-  

Year 5 daily plan

  -Year 5 - 8.6.20.pdf-  

Year 6 daily plan

  -Year 6 - 8.6.20.pdf-  

Resources for Year 3 and 4

  -Monday adverbs warm up - year 3 and 4.ppt-  

  -Monday - Spelling PowerPoint - Year 3 and 4.ppt-  

  -Year 3 and 4 spellings - 8th June 2020.pdf-  

Resources for Year 5 and 6

  -Monday - brackets for parenthesis - year 5 and 6.ppt-  

  -Year 5 and 6 spellings - 8th June 2020.pdf-  

Get Creative - Outdoor Art Weekly Plan 

  -Get Creative - Outdoor Art.pdf-  

God morgon (I wonder if you can email me and let me know what language I am saying good morning in today?)
I hope you all had a good day yesterday, what did you think of the slightly different home learning plan? Was it any better? Please do let me know what you think on the email address. Did anyone have a go at the Super Movers? Did you enjoy it?
I have got lots of wonderful news to share with you today before I even get round to sharing our home learning.
Did you know that yesterday saw the launch of The Puffin Festival of Big Dreams? This brings together celebrated authors and illustrators such as Jacqueline Wilson, Robin Stevens, Nick Sharratt and Dapo Adeola.


The festival events are being hosted on Puffin’s YouTube channel and include writing masterclasses, drawing classes and lots more creative challenges.
Each event is themed around dreams and the festival is hosted by Blue Peter presenter Radzi Chinyanganya.
Visit to sign up for a Big Dreams Festival Kit and for more information about this exciting festival.
Today you will find an Animal Quiz at 10:30am where you can play along and test your knowledge with Sam Copeland, featuring Charlie Changes into a Chicken.
Then at 3:30pm you can join Nadia Shireen and Ed Vere as they battle it out in the Great Illustrators Draw-Off! It will feature doodles from How to be a Lion and Billy and the Dragon.

Austin has been working really hard at home and I was really excited to receive a wonderful piece of writing that he has done about being a pony owner. Have a look at the document below and see what you think. I think Austin has done an amazing job! Well done Austin – it is so nice to see how hard you are working.

  -A weekend in the life of a pony owner - Austin.pdf-  

Matthew has also been doing something very special. Matthew has been touched by the issue Zoos and Wildlife Parks are facing due to having to close because of COVID-19. Matthew enjoys litter picking and keeping the world clean and tidy and has taken inspiration from others during these rough times to make a difference in the world. Matthew has pledged to go out litter picking every day for as long as people donate money towards these charities. We are so proud of Matthew and think he is doing a fantastic job. I have attached the link to Matthew’s fundraising page so you can see how he is doing. Well done Matthew!


Did you know that you can apply for a Blue Peter Badge (I would be very jealous if you got one as I always wanted one as a child!). I have attached a link to the information page below. There are 8 badges that you can apply for – I think Austin and Matthew should definitely apply with the work that they have done!

Here is today’s home learning.

Year 3 -  -Year 3 - 9.6.20.pdf-  

Year 4 -    -Year 4 - 9.6.20.pdf-  

Year 5 -  -Year 5 - 9.6.20.pdf-  

Year 6 -  -Year 6 - 9.6.20.pdf-  

Here are the documents you will need to complete some of the home learning tasks today.

Year 3

  -Tuesday - How Weeds Get Everywhere - Year 3.pdf-  

  -Tuesday - Wordsearch - Year 3 and 4.pdf-  

Year 4 

  -Tuesday - The Story of Arachne - Year 4.pdf-  

  -Tuesday - Wordsearch - Year 3 and 4-V297812528.pdf-  

Year 5

  -Tuesday - Inspirational British Female Athletes - Year 5.pdf-  

  -Tuesday - Use brackets to show parethesis - year 5 and 6.pdf-  

  -Tuesday - Spelling PowerPoint - Year 5 and 6.ppt-  

Year 6

  -Tuesday - Inspirational British Female Athletes - Year 6.pdf-  

  -Tuesday - Use brackets to show parethesis - year 5 and 6-V297812649.pdf-  

  -Tuesday - Spelling PowerPoint - Year 5 and 6-V297812680.ppt-  

Have an amazing day and I will speak to you all soon.
Hej då



How are you all this wet, rainy morning? I hope you have hd a good week so far and have enjoyed some of the home learning tasks. Has anyone managed to get outside and do any of the outdoor art activities? I would love to see what you have been doing. 

Did you manage to have a look at Matthew's fundraising page? He's already raised over £1,000 which is incredible. The great news is the government have acted and the zoos and wildlife parks will be allowed to open from Monday 15th June which must be a relief to so many. 

Did you have a look at the Puffin Fetsival of Big Dreams yesterday? Today you will find the following workshops:

10:30am - Build an Adventure Workshop 
Join this extraordinary workshop to create a wild and mind-blowing adventure story from scratch and join in a draw-along with Frostheart author and illustrator Jamie Littler. 

3:30pm - Very Hungry Caterpillar Craft-Along
For a very special, Very Hungry Caterpillar craft-along, you will need paper, paint, a paintbrush or sponge, scissors, pencil and glue. Join Lucy Walters and get colourfully creative making a beautiful butterfly inspired by Eric Carle's famous collage illustration technique. 

Let us know if you do either of these - they sound exciting today. 

Here's today's home leanring. 

Year 3 -   -Year 3 - 10.6.20.pdf-  

Year 4 -   -Year 4 - 10.6.20.pdf-  

Year 5 -   -Year 5 - 10.6.20.pdf-  

Year 6 -   -Year 6 - 10.6.20.pdf-  

Resources needed:

Year 3 and 4 

  -Wednesday - Choose the alternative adverb - Year 3 and 4.pdf-  

  -Wednesday - Year 3 and 4 Setting Extract.pdf-  

  -Wednesday - Code Word Jumble Puzzle - Year 3 and 4.pdf-  

Year 5 and 6

  -Wednesday - Other Uses for Brackets - year 5 and 6.pdf-  

  -Wednesday - Year 5 and 6 Setting Extract.pdf-  

  -Wednesday - Wordsearch - Year 5 and 6.pdf-  

Buona giornata



Bom dia
How are you all doing this morning? Have you had a go at any of the Puffin Festival of Big Dreams workshops yet?
At 10:30am today you can join Hana Tooke for a brilliantly magical and giggle-filled puppet theatre workshop inspired by The Unadoptables. All you need is a cardboard box.

Then at 3:30pm grab your pens and paper ready for a Magic Pony Draw-Along. Stuart Heritage and Nicola Slater need you to put on your dreaming hats for a draw-along of Jonathan the Magic Pony.
Dylan sent in a picture of a recipe he has followed to make some cheese straws. Have a look here to see the recipe that he followed and maybe have a go yourself. If you have made anything yummy or followed a new recipe why not send it in and we can also add it to the page.
We have been busy setting up Microsoft Teams whilst you have been busy with your home learning. We will be sending out information very soon which will tell you how to log on to Teams. We will then be using Teams to hold meetings where you will be able to join in and see your friends and have a chat. We are very excited with this new development and hope you are too. Ask your grown-ups to check their emails over the next few days to find out more.
Here is your home learning. I will be on the email today from 9-10am. Please pop by and say hello and make sure you keep in touch.
Tenha um dia divertido

Year 3 -   -Year 3 - 11.6.20.pdf-  

Yera 4 -   -Year 4 - 11.6.20.pdf-  

Year 5 -   -Year 5 - 11.6.20.pdf-  

Year 6 -   -Year 6 - 11.6.20.pdf-  

Reaading Picture - 

  -Thursday - Picture Prediction.pdf-  

Year 3 and 4 resources

  -Year 3 and 4 Spelling.pdf-  

Year 5 and 6 resources

  -Thursday - Spelling Crossword - Year 5 and 6.pdf-  



Good morning everyone.

It has been wonderful to have some Panthers back in school this week and although the classroom looks quite different at the moment it didn't take us long to get back into a school routine.  However, today is a home learning day for everyone and you will find today's plan and all the links you need below.  It is going to be a rather wet Friday so hopefully you will find plenty of time to do your work.  Have a lovely weekend everyone.  

  -Year 3 - 12.6.20.pdf-  

  -Year 4 - 12.6.20.pdf-

  -Year 5 - 12.6.20 1.pdf-  
  -Year 6 - 12.6.20 1.pdf-  



  -Look say cover write check.pdf-  


  -Reading Inference Y5and6.docx-  

  -Look say cover write check-V298110947.pdf-  


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