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Week Commencing 4th May

04 May 2020


Hello Panthers!

It has been a while since I have put a message on here for you.  I hope you are all keeping well, keeping safe and keeping busy.  I have been keeping an eye on the website and all your emails to so I know that these past two weeks have given you a different focus with your home learning.  Miss Asker has told me how much she has enjoyed catching up with you by phone.  What a strange time we are all living through!  

How many of you are keeping up with Joe Wicks?  His workouts are quite challenging so well done if you manage to do it every day.  I have been doing a Pilates class on Youtube plus lots of walking and cycling.  Talking of cycling - I wonder if any of you did the 2.6 Challenge last Sunday?  I extended my daily bike ride to 26 miles (groan!) and raised some money for a local charity. During my bike ride, I passed Emmerson and Porscha and mum on their bikes.  I wonder if they were out for their daily exercise?  

Talking of exercise - I am sending you the link to the Harrogate Sports Partnership's May's Personal Best Challenge.  This is a great way of getting your exercise and has a daily challenge for you to try and beat your own score.  All the challenges can be done at home.  If you register to say that you are taking part you will recieve a certificate at the end.  You don't have to register if you don't want to - just do it for fun.

We would love to hear how you are getting on and if you send any photos of you doing the challenges we will put them on the website.  

On Tuesday morning, the teachers are going to have a 'zoom' meeting so Miss Asker will be available online at 1pm rather than the morning slot.

Finally, to cheer you up I have a joke for you:

Q  Why did the teacher have to wear glasses?

A  Because she couldn't control her pupils.  Boom Boom!


Good morning Panthers, 

I hope you had a great day yesterday. I will be available today at 1pm to answer any questions on email or to just say hello as the teachers have a meeting this morning. 

Have any of you signed up for the May daily challenge? Here is a link to today's challenge: 

I wonder if anyone has read any good books whilst they have been at home that they would like to recommend to the class. I have just finished reading Pinocchio by Michael Morpurgo and I have to say it was a very good book. I really enjoyed hearing the story of Pinocchio from his point of view and at times got very frustrated by the choices he made as they did lead him into some pickles! Send your recommendations/reviews to the panthers@ email and we will put them on here to share with others. 

I liked Mrs Hatch's joke yesterday and have one for you today:

What did one plate say to the other?

Dinner is on me!

Do you have a joke you could share with us? Send them in and let's see if we can put a smile on everyone's face this week. 

Speak to you all soon.
Miss Asker

PS. I know that the riddles at the back end of last week really challenged some of you so you will be pleased to know that I have put the answers up!


Good Morning Everyone!

What lovely weather we are having.  I hope you are all taking advantage of it and getting out in the garden and exercising outside as much as possible. How is the May Personal Best Challenge coming along?  We would love to know.

Have a look at Edie's work about The Mayans.  Who knew you could build a pyramid and burial chamber out of lego!  Please keep sending us in your work and we will put it up on the website if you agree.




Here is another joke.  My very favourite teacher joke.

Q  What is the difference between a teacher and a train?

A  The teacher says "Spit that gum out now"  but the train says "Choo Choo!"    Boom Boom!

Stay safe, stay busy, stay happy.

Mrs Hatch



What a sunny day we had yesterday and I think we are expecting more today, I hope you are all able to get outside and enjoy some exercise and fun in the sun. Maybe you could have a look at the daily challenge set from the Harrogate School Sports Partnership above. 

Tomorrow is VE day. Why not have a look at the link below which shows a short clip explaining what VE day is... 

I wonder if any of you will be having any special parties in your gardens or are planning to celebrate VE day. Let us know on the email and send in any of your pictures. Mrs Hatch and I will not be putting up an update tomorrow as it is a bank holiday but we will be back again next week to keep in touch. I will be available today on the email from 9-10am if you want to get in touch and say hello. It has been lovely seeing the work that you have sent in. Amy sent us a fantastic factfile on South American rainforest animals. I have put a link to it below so you can see what she found out - I know I found it very interesting and have definitely learnt something new.

  -Amy Animal Fact File.pdf-  

Here's a little joke for you...

What do you call Santa's brothers and sisters?

Relative Clauses!

Have a great day and we will speak to you soon. 

Miss Asker
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