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Miss Mandelson
20 May 2022  -  Pri: 27/05/2022
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11 Sep 2021






Week Commencing 20th April 2020

20 Apr 2020



I hope that you have all had a great Easter holidays. Wasn't the weather fantastic! I hope you all managed to enjoy the weather and had fun either going out for your daily exercise exploring your local area or playing in your back yard/garden. 

I have put MyMaths tasks on for this week based on 2D and 3D shapes. Please look at the lesson first as some of these are new concepts and involve new vocabulary so you will need to make sure you understand what this means before you have a go at the task. 

I wonder if you have seen in the news the incredible story of Captain Tom Moore. (Thank you to Mrs M who realised Miss A had written the wrong name!) He is such an inspirational man and has raised an incredible amount of money for the NHS during this pandemic. I wonder if you could find out more about him and either write a biography or newspaper article about his efforts. As an extension you could also find out about Margaret Payne who is also raising money for the NHS. I am not expecting you to complete this in one day so why not make this your week's fous for English. You can then plan, use boxing up methods to organise your ideas, draft, edit and then publish. If you send your published work to us we will put this on the class page. 

Remember to keep Mrs Hatch and I informed of what you are doing. It was great to receive pictures and PowerPoints before the holidays. You can email us at

and we will be online between 9 and 10 every day to answer your questions or just catch up. 

Stay safe and missing you all.
Miss A


Hello everyone. 

Hope you had a great day yesterday. Yet again you made me very proud with your attitude to home learning. I was really pleased to see people had logged on to their MyMath account and had completed some of their tasks - I wonder what you think of the lessons on there? Some of you had logged onto you TT Rockstars to practise which is great and I know some of you made a start or even sent me PowerPoints about Captain Tom Moore.  I look forward to seeing more of these throughout this week. 

Remember to keep in touch with us at 

You can just email us to have a chat and say hello. 

I'm looking forward to seeing you all when things go back to a bit of normality - I really am missing you all. 

Keep an eye out in your emails for an email from me over the next few days.  I have spoken to the publishers at Penguin books and have been given the go ahead to send you recordings of the end of Danny the Champion of the World so we can finish the book together. 

Speak to you all soon and keep in touch. 

Miss A


Good morning. I hope you have all had a lovely week so far.
 I wonder if any of you have managed to see any of the satellites in the sky at night. I’ve been out in my garden the past two nights (it’s been very cold!) and have seen a few of the satellites moving through the sky and was even lucky enough to see a shooting star on Monday night as well.
The satellites are the Starlink satellites designed by SpaceX and follow each other in a line. It really has been fascinating to watch. I even downloaded an app called Night Sky which, if you point it up into the sky, tells you the names of the stars and constellations you can see.
Hopefully you received a letter from Mrs Taylor yesterday telling you what the plan is now that we know we are going to be staying away from school a bit longer. If you’re not sure ask your grown-ups to check their emails. If you still haven’t receive the email then emails me and Mrs Hatch and I will send a copy of the letter to you.
From today onwards you will be expected to complete the Oak Academy English and Maths lesson. These are great and come with videos and online resources. Follow the link below and then click on subject and then your year group to find the English and Maths tasks.



In addition to this we would like you to spend some time on you TT Rockstars account and read for pleasure. We will, from time to time, send you some additional work out via email that we would like you to complete and return to us so we can see how you are getting on.
On the letter it also gave you some optional work you could complete. If we were in school this term, we would have been starting a history topic on The Mayans. I have put together a Mayan Challenge Grid similar to the homework grids we have used before. If you want to (there are some great activities on there) then please work through this over the next few weeks. I have set you the challenge of trying to score 35 points as a minimum – I wonder if you can score more. I will put the grid and any additional resources needed to complete it in a different article later on today.
Remember if you need anything at all or just want to say hello you can always send us an email at

We will be available from 9-10am every day to answer your questions.
We will still be in touch on here daily to check in with you all. It was lovely to chat to some of you yesterday and see the work you have been doing on Captain Tom Moore.
See you soon.
Miss A


Good morning Panthers. I hope you are all ok and managed to get a good nights sleep. It looks like it's going to be a lovely day again today. I'm hoping to get out into the garden later to plant some plants in my flower beds. 

Thank you to Ava, Amy and Edie who have sent in some fantastic work on Captain Tom Moore and Margaret Payne so far this week. I really have been impressed with the standard and effort you have all put in. Harrison sent in some great pictures of his science experiment he's been doing with flowers and dye - he made some great observations about which dye appeared to be the strongest. It was lovely to hear from Enna and Dylan this week too who dropped us a little email to say hello. It's also been great to see Matthew's learning on the instagram page too. Well done Panthers. Please do keep in touch and let us know what you're doing. Remember you can send this to:

I will be available between 9 and 10am today to speak to you if you want to get in touch. 

Did you know that it is Captain Tom Moore's birthday a week today. He will be 100 and as long as his fundraising money is still rising he will still be walking around his garden! You can send him a birthday card at the following address if you would like to help him celebrate - you could even put a copy of your work in so he can see what you have written about him!


Captain Tom Moore

C/O Post Office Limited

67 Bedford Road

Marston Moretaine


MK43 0LA

Enjoy the sunshine and let us know how you are getting on with the National Oak Academy. 

Miss Asker


Good morning Pathers. It's Friday which can only mean one thing... You've nearly completed another week of home school! Well done, we are seriously proud of the work that you are all doing. 

How are you getting on with the PE daily challenges? We're going to spend some of this afternoon in the garden catching up on a few days and trying to beat our personal bests. 5 more challenges (including today) are left before the end of the challenge - I wonder how many of you are on track for a certificate?

We finished the BFG at home last night and are looking for our next bedtime read. Harrison has been spending lots of time reading and couldn't get his head out of the final Harry Potter book - such an achievement! 
We would love it if you could send us in any of your book recommendations; I'm sure that they would help alot of the Panthers choose their next reads. 

Stay safe and have a fantastic weekend in the sun. 
I will be ringing around in the next couple of weeks to speak to you all and see how you are getting on. I am really looking forward to speaking to you and catching up. 

Miss Asker

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