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Weekly Update - 31.1.2020

Miss Asker and Mrs Hatch - 31 Jan 2020

Where has January gone! I can't believe as I write this that it is the end of the month and February tomorrow. We have had another good week at school this week. We have been thinking really hard about what is a good learning behaviour and how we can help ourselves and others learn in the classroom and around school. Staff have been really pleased to see the children working hard to demonstrate positive learning behaviours - well done!

In English with Miss Asker, the children did some pattern spotting, thinking about the language style and punctuation used in different text types and why. We will be using this knowledge as we start to write our own texts. In our whole class guided reading we read the opening of The Matchbox Diary and wrote our own playscripts introducing the two characters in the book.
With Mrs Hatch, we have continued our unit using The Promise by Nicola Davies.  We have been doing lots of activites to make sure we fully understand the text and how the author makes her writing interesting.

In Maths with Miss Asker, we started to look at equivalent fractions using fraction walls to prove fractions were the same size. The Year 5/6 children started to apply their knowledge of multiplication, division, factors and multiples to help them find equivalent fractions.
With Mrs Hatch, we have started looking at and revisiting rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000.  The older children are able to round even bigger numbers to the nearest 10, 000 and 100,000.  

In Computing we used our data tables from last week to insert graphs into a spreadsheet and started to look at ways we could format these to show the information we needed.

In Geography we looked in more detail at what it would be like to live in a rainforest climate. We watched some footage from the rainforest and saw some interesting (some may say creepy) inhabitants! The children then wrote their own story set in the rainforest.

In Science, we are looking at inherited characteristics.  Some of the children brought in photos of their families to compare how their physical characteristics were similar or different.  The children really enjoyed making a family of marsh monsters using 'genes' from the same parents showing how characteristics are passed on but can also show variation. A lot of marshmallows were eaten as well!

We had a really active PE lesson with everyone practising their throwing and catching skills.  The Y5/6 children will be taking part in a High 5 Netball Competition soon so there was a lot to learn about the rules of passing the ball and positions on court.  We will be doing netball and ball skills for the next few weeks.

MyMaths homework was set on Wednesday and is due to be completed by Monday along with their spelling homework. We continue to thank you for the support you give your child(ren) in completing their homework on time.

Have a lovely weekend.

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