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Weekly Update - 6.12.19

Miss Asker and Mrs Hatch - 06 Dec 2019

On Monday the children went to Holy Trinity Church to take part in the annual Christmas Carol Concert with Mr Roberts. The children collaborated with our friends at Kirkby Malzeard and performed a beautiful version of Christmas Wish which was truly magical. It was a fantastic day and the children were a real credit to the school. We were very proud of them.

In maths this week the children have been developing their written methods for multiplication. The Year 3 children have used the grid method, the Year 4 children short multiplication and the Year 5 and 6 children long multiplication.

In English the children finished off their work on Hidden Figures thinking about memoirs and writing a memoir as one of the ladies from the book reminiscing on their time at NASA.  

In RE this week the children learnt more about Hindu gods and goddesses finding out about how Hindus worship them and their significance to Hindus.

The children were very excited to learn that Mrs Hatch had set up an interview with a member of the British Antarctic Survey.  We hope you enjoy reading some of the children's reports about it.

On Thursday 6th December we interviewed Andrew Barker; he works at the British Antarctic survey. Thanks to Nigel we were able to call him on skype at school. We called him to find out more about Antarctica. We got some questions from Panther class to ask Andrew.  
In the first place, we watched a video sent from the British Antarctic survey about Antarctica and we looked at a slide show as well. We were thinking about some questions to ask Andrew.
Before the interview with Andrew, Nigel came in to set skype up. While he was setting skype up in the hall we were practising our questions in the class room that we were going to tell him. We all were exited at this point of the day. My question was “Do you have any vehicles that can go over the ice?” Andrew told us that they have spikes on their tyres so they can go over the ice.  Enna’s question was “Do you stay inside more than inside?” Andrew told us that it depends on what job he has to do that day.
In conclusion we learned a lot of facts about Antarctic. I was glad that we called him. We all said bye to Andrew it was a great experience meeting Andrew.      
Enna and Austin

Yesterday (Thursday 5th December 2019) we got a skype video call from a man called Andrew Barker who is going on a trip to the Antarctic. We called him because we are learning about Shackleton’s journey (a man going to the Antarctic.) It was afternoon when we skyped him. We were in the school hall when it happened (we went in the hall because it is more spacious then the classroom.)
On Wednesday, Andrew sent us a slideshow all about working in the Antarctic and how cool it was to be able to work there with all the other talented people and all the scientific equipment. Also, Andrew sent us a video which told us more about the Antarctic and what different people do there. Not long after, everyone was asked to think of a couple of questions that we could ask him on video call.
The next day, Nigel (our technician) set up skype on the hall laptop so that we could see his face on the projector and hear him from the speakers. Before the conversation, we all highlighted our questions on a sheet of paper and practiced saying them in front of everyone.
Eventually, Mrs Hatch told us to grab our sheets and find a space on the hall floor. Walking in, we saw Andrew on the big screen in front of us. Two minutes later, when we were all ready, one by one we went up to the computer and asked our questions. My question was `What is your job title and what do you do? `his answer was `I am an IT engineer. I test the radios in the field stations and I am an operational manager, but right now, I am working on the new ship.`
I was feeling excited but a tiny bit nervous while asking my question. My thoughts about this experience were how cool it was that we were talking to an engineer that was going to the Arctic. I have learned a lot about the Antarctic and what jobs and equipment are needed to travel to Antarctica. I will always remember this moment.
By Daisy.

Yesterday we spoke to Andrew Barker and he is a member of the British Antarctic survey. We went into the hall and we set up the laptop ready to speak to Andrew on Skype. We asked our questions and our questions were what do you like most about going? How did you build the runway? We have been reding about Ernest Shackleton about the Endurance.We all fineshed our questions and we were redy to go so we said good by to Andrew Barker then we went back to the classroom. 
Alice and Savannah

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