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Rocket Class Weekly News 14th January

Mrs Clegg - 13 Jan 2022

Getting back into routines

Our first full week back at school has been chock-a-block with new learning as well as reminding ourselves about our old routines.  I think we are all absolutely worn out already!  The children have shown such positive attitudes and enthusiasm and have done themselves proud- I think they will all sleep well this weekend!

In Maths the Reception children have been thinking about sequencing events and using the words 'morning', 'afternoon' and 'evening.'  We talked about what sorts of things we do at different times of day and how we know what time of day it is.  The children were unfamiliar with the word 'evening', so it would be great if they are now able to tell you about it at home.
The Year Ones have been finding the total by counting on.  We have done this in lots of different ways: fingers, dominoes, dice, bead strings....We have learnt that it is much quicker to count on rather than always starting back at one e.g. if you hold up all of the fingers on one hand, and two on the other hand, we could find the total by saying "5, 6, 7" if we remember that there are 5 fingers on one hand.  Playing games with two dice is a good way to work on this at home.

In English we started a new book, 'Last Stop on Market Street' by Matt De la Pena.  This is quite a tricky story, set in America, and is based on the characters of CJ and his Nan.  We are already wondering what a soup kitchen is and why CJ and his Nan go there.  The Year Ones have started looking at techniques that the author uses, such as repetition, similes and onomatopoeia.  They have worked really hard!  We will be doing more work on this next week.

In History we have started thinking about different types of houses.  There are lots of new words to learn: detached, semi-detached, terraced, mansion, flats, cottage and caravan.  Hopefully the children can tell you what sort of house they live in and what special features it has.  Maybe whilst you are out and about this weekend you could play "I spy a terraced house" or "I spy a cottage" and see if your child can point it out.  On Thursday we started to look back at old houses and discuss how they had changed.  We are looking forward to continuing our History work next week.

As always, we have had lots of opportunities for child-led learning and exploration:

Paint blowing:
Slide Show 
Observing and investigating:

Melting icebergs:




What a busy week!  Please keep reading and doing your flashcards at home, it really does make a huge difference!
Have a good weekend,
Mrs Clegg


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