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Weekly News 6th November 2020

Miss Mandelson and Mrs Clegg - 05 Nov 2020

  Welcome Back!
We hope that everyone had a great half-term break - it was lovely to hear the children's news.  The Tigers have all returned refreshed and on top form, ready to embrace their learning this week.  We are very pleased to welcome a new member of staff to the Tiger Team.  Mrs Johnson is working as a teaching assistant in the afternoons to support all the children, but particularly those in the Early Years.  The children have also been delighted to receive visits from Betty the cat who seems to be trying to make our classroom her second home!
In English, we have picked up where we left off in our search for the Queen's Hat.  This week the chase took us down into the tunnels of the London Undergound as we explored the Queen's inner thoughts about the adventure so far!  In History we have assembled a royal family tree and used this to investigate the line of succession of the British monarchy.  The children really rose to the challenge of unravelling who is who.  We are also beginning to move into our new Geography topic looking at the four countries of the United Kingdom and their capital cities.  The children are a bit rusty on this so we shall continue with it next week.

Even our work in Mathematics had a connection to the Queen this week as we looked carefully at coins and notes as part of our work on money.  The older children have got to grips with finding equivalent amounts of money, selecting notes and coins to make given amounts and recording their answers using the £ and p symbols.  Meanwhile the younger children have had lots of practical experience of shopping using pennies in our bakery shop after learning the rhyme '5 currant buns in a baker's shop'.

In English with Mrs Clegg, we were excited to find a large red envelope, with three small squares cut out of it.  The envelope was firmly sealed so we had to use what we could see through the small windows to predict what our next focus book was going to be about.  Through one square we could see some sort of face, Bibi thought it might belong to an elf, Poppy thought it was a little girl and Mark was sure it was a boy "with spiky hair!"  We couldn't agree what we were seeing through the second window; Mark thought it was part of a house, Kitty thought it was a brush and Evie thought it was part of a pirate ship!  We all agreed that there seemed to be some leaves peeping through the third window.  After making these initial predictions we were excited to rip open the envelope on Friday to find...

'Sweep' by Louise Greig! After reading the first page today, we are looking forward to finding out what happens next!

It was pleasing to see so many children had logged onto MyMaths over half term to complete the activities set.  Please check back again as I have set another activity.  Remember you can also see my feedback on your completed work by clicking on your previous tasks near the bottom of the screen.

All of the children have painted some beautiful poppies this week, ahead of Remembrance Day.  We used finger prints and straws to create our works of Art, and the children were thrilled with what they achieved!  Well done Tigers!

We are also excited to announce that our first Tiger will be receiving a postcard home to celebrate them going "above and beyond!"  All of the children are working really hard to get themselves on our Recognition Board for displaying our Christian values of love, kindness, patience and peace.  Keep it up!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


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