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Week commencing 6th July 2020

Miss Mandelson and Mrs Clegg - 04 Jul 2020

Welcome back!  Here is this week's plan for Tiger Class for our home-learners.  We shall be dipping in and out of this at school too:


Good morning, Tigers!  We hope you had a lovely weekend despite the blustery weather.  It is hard to believe that we only have two weeks of the summer term left to go.  Let's try to make the most of every minute!

It was lovely to welcome next year's Reception children for a 'stay and play' session last week.  Although we cannot introduce them to you personally yet, I am looking forward to sharing some photos with you this morning so that you can get to know who's who.  Here's a little preview:
As we continue to explore our emotions and feelings this week, we shall be thinking about things which worry us and what we can do to deal with our worries.  We shall be exploring three stories to help us with this.  Click on the Daily Plan above to find out more.  Have a wonderful day, everyone!

Hello Tigers!  We made a great start on this week's theme yesterday - thinking about what makes us feel worried and how we can make sure that our worries do not take over.  The younger children at school worked together to make this amazing 'worry monster':
Now whenever a worry is bothering us, we can write it down and post it into the monster's mouth to get rid of it or to deal with later.  I wonder what we should call our 'worry monster'?  Can you think of a good name for him...or her?  Have a look at the daily plan above or click here: find some ideas of how you can work on this idea at home.  I wonder how you got on with your Music Monday task?  At school, we had great fun making up silly dance moves to our song of the week!  And playing along with hastily made musical instruments - a tissue box with elastic bands to pluck, a tin with pebbles to shake, etc.  It is amazing how music can lift our spirits and chase our worries away!  We hope that you enjoyed the song at home too.

In her Collective Worship this week, Reverend Sian reminds us how lucky we are to have our National Health Service as we celebrate its 72nd birthday.  Click on her image below to hear a special Bible story which tells how Jesus cared for those who were not well:
This coming Sunday, Reverend Sian will be back in church to lead a family service.  If anyone would like to help out with the service this month, please let Miss Mandelson know.  It will be lovely for the community to be back together again, even if we must sit at a distance from each other.

I shall be online to answer emails at 2-3pm today if anyone would like to say hello or if you need any help with anything...or you can give me a ring at school on 01677 470329.

Welcome to Wednesday, everyone...and the second half of the school week.  The younger children had great fun exploring the concept of 'half' through water and sand play yesterday, whilst everyone got to grips with finding a half of shapes and quantities.  Don't forget to have a look at the Tiger Class Maths Page if you would like to go back and consolidate any of your learning.  There is a link to the White Rose lessons on fractions there too.

We still haven't come up with a name for our 'worry monster' but it was lovely to meet Daisy's 'worry monster' who is called Scrump:

Thank you for introducing her to us, Daisy, and explaining how she has helped you with your worries.
Today, Madeleine has sent through some mindfulness activities for you to try using your senses.  Try taking notice of the clouds - we have certainly seen quite a few this week!  But did you know that there are different types of cloud?  Click below to find out more:
Have fun looking at the clouds, Tigers.  We wonder what shapes you will see?


Good morning Tigers!  Hope you are all well and are managing to keep up with your home learning?  Only one more week to go and then we will all be ready for a good rest!

Yesterday in school we were talking about our outdooor area and began drawing up some plans.  If any of you have done this at home too, please send them into school via email.  We will look at all of your ideas and show them to our designers and see what we can come up with.  It will be really great to refresh our outdoor classroom; we are very lucky to have this opportunity!

I hope you're all still trying to carry out acts of kindness too?  I keep spotting some very kind behaviour in school and we keep adding links to our paper chain as well as dropping pebbles in the jar.  I wonder how many we will get before school breaks up next week?

On a final note, as we have had contact with everybody this week, there will be no Teams meeting today.  However, if you require any support please do email us as normal.  Have a super day!

Bonjour Tigers!  Ca va?
Well it's Friday again...and this time next week it will be the start of the Summer holidays!  I wonder if any of you are going to be going anywhere special?  We would love to know your plans.  In school yesterday we were talking about the Government saying that we can go on holiday to some countries now, but we were also remembering all of the lovely places that there are to go in our own country.  Hermione talked fondly about her previous holiday to Butlins, Ted and Kitty talked about a water park, Mark told us about a safari park that he would like to visit.  If you could visit anywhere, where would you go and why? Maybe a local walk like Olivia has enjoyed this week?


I hope you manage to do some of your home learning today, but above all keep reading and practising your Phonics.  You need these skills for every other subject.  Remember you can read anything; leaflets, magazines, recipe books, board game instructions...just please keep reading!  Have a lovely weekend Tigers.  Take care!
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