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Week commencing 20th April 2020

Miss Mandelson and Mrs Clegg - 20 Apr 2020

Hello Tigers!
Welcome back to a new term…the summer term!  Unfortunately we cannot come back to school to see each other just yet, but we can still do lots of exciting home-learning together.  Mrs Clegg and I are missing you very much and can’t wait to hear all about your Easter holidays.  Instead of writing about what you got up to in your Recount Book as we normally do, why not drop us a quick email at:

…or you could make a postcard with a picture to post to us. We would love to hear from you!

Today is a ‘training day’ for the teachers - all the grown-ups will be doing some home-learning just like you, sitting on our sofas at home having our lessons by webinar on the computer!  The term starts for children tomorrow.  If you can't wait until then, you can have a quick look at your ‘home-learning timetable’ to get ready.  Remember these can be found on the ‘Home Learning in Tiger Class’ page – just click on the title at the left hand side of this page.

We should have been going on our class adventure to visit some castles this Wednesday.  Of course, we can’t do that right now but Miss Mandelson hopes to re-arrange this trip for later in the year.  Instead, why not check out the new things which have been added to the 'Castles Project' page of our website (under the 'homework' tab above). Scroll right down to the bottom of the page to have a sneaky preview of the castles we shall be visiting as soon as we can.  This week, we shall also be looking at some stories about…dragons!  Come back tomorrow to find out more…

Good morning, Tigers!  How are you this morning?  We hope you are in the mood for some reading for pleasure today.  Do you remember that we promised a story or two about dragons?  Well here is the first one:

Before you read the story, have a good look at the cover and then have a go at this 'book talk' activity with a grown-up or a brother or sister.  If your parents say it is ok, you could even phone or Facetime a friend and talk about it together. 


When you have talked about the cover, click on the image above and then you will be able to read the story.  If you have time, you could have a go at answering these reading comprehension questions too:




For Maths today, you can carry on with the White Rose Home Learning or you can give the new Oak Academy resources a try.  Click on the image below then go to 'online classroom' then 'schedule' to select your year group:

The teachers have been looking at these resources and think they might be helpful to you and your parents as you learn at home.  We would love to hear what you think.  Please get in touch and tell us how you got on - we want to make your home-learning as exciting and straightforward as we can.

If you didn't get time yesterday, take a look at the Castles Project page to continue with your History and Geography work.  Don't forget to get some fresh air and exercise too!

Welcome to Wednesday everyone!  It has been lovely to start to receive some news about your holidays.  Thank you to those who have been in touch, especially Leroy who has done some brilliant writing.  You can see it on a new 'Writers' Gallery' page under the homework tab.  We hope you enjoyed The Dragon Machine yesterday.  Apologies as the interactive part of the book appears to work better on laptops than on some devices like iPads or phones.  You can always find the story on YouTube if you had a problem.

By now you should have received a letter about home-learning from Mrs Taylor explaining that we would like you to follow the Oak National Academy lessons for English and Maths each day.  Please look at the instructions above to see how to do this.  For those Year One children who tried it out yesterday, they have been practising the /ai/ phoneme and thinking about three ways of writing this.  Use the video below to help you to practise reading words containing the /ai/ phoneme:

Red group, can you read this phrase and use it in your Read It, Write It, Draw It books?

Blue group, how many graphemes can you think of for the /ai/ phoneme?  (There are many different ways as you know!)  Maybe use them to set up a game of noughts and crosses to play with a grown up or compose a sentence with as many words containing /ai/ as possible.  Make sure that it makes sense and maybe include a conjunction (if you have forgotton what this is Y1 will be learning about these in today's English lesson - have a look!)

Tomorrow is a special day!  Does anyone know what it is?  Here is a has something to do with a dragon!  Come back tomorrow to find out more...

This afternoon it would be our turn to go into the forest with Madeleine.  It's such a shame that we can't do this yet, but Madeleine has kindly sent some tasks for you all to complete either in your gardens on when you are out on your daily walk.  Please see the attachments below:

  -Task sheet WC 20.4.20.pdf-  

  -Leaf Bashing.docx-  

  -I Spy.docx-  

Apologies, but the two activity sheets wouldn't upload properly, so I have had to screen shot them and save them in Word.  Hopefully you can still use them ok.  You will notice that Madeleine recommends the Leaf Bashing activity for KS2, however, I'm sure that lots of our Tigers would be able to do this...with Mum or Dad helping of course!


Happy St George's Day, Tiger Class!  But who was St George?  Why does he have a day named after him?  And what has this got to do with a dragon?  Have a look on the 'Homework' tab to find out more and have a go at some activities for St George's Day.  By the way, if you would like to read some more stories about dragons, why not look on Bug Club?  Click here to go to the login page:


We were pleased to receive this photo from the Petchey family yesterday:

They were out on a Spring walk and came across this hole.  They thought it might be a fox den or a rabbit warren.  Who do you think it might belong to?  Did any of you try the Forest School activities yesterday?  Remember we are available every morning on:

and we love to hear from you and see photos of your adventures!  It has been lovely to hear from Leroy, Evie, Maisie, Olivia, Ted and Kitty so far this week.  Please keep in touch Tigers!  Let us know how the Oak Academy lessons are going.yes

Happy Friday Tigers!  Did you all have a look at the St George's page yesterday?  Have a look today...somebody is disguised as a dragon...can you work out who it is?wink

It was nice to hear from some of you again yesterday, thank you for taking the time to send us a quick email or photo.  We would really like to know how you are getting on with the Oak Academy lessons too if you have time to send us a quick message.

I was pleased to see that a lot of you have been on MyMaths over the Easter break.  Remember to click on 'scores' and you will see any feedback that I have typed in.  The activities to do with 'Time' seem to be catching some of you out so I have reset them so you can have another go.  Keep looking at the clocks in your house; Reception and Year One: can you tell your grown up every time it is an o'clock time?  Year Two:  Can you tell your grown up every time you notice an o'clock and a half past time?  Remember to keep practising the days of the week and the months of the year too!

I will be on the class email between 9am and 10am today.  Have a great day of home learning before a well earned rest at the weekend!






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