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Weekly News 27th September 2019

Miss Mandelson and Mrs Clegg - 25 Sep 2019

This week the children have really enjoyed celebrating Geraldine's birthday using great imagination and creativity to make this a special day for her!  This has tied in with our RE work which has involved learning that a birthday is a celebration of us as special people.  The children have reflected on what makes themselves and others special and unique as individuals, as well as revisiting Psalm 139.

We also had a great visit from Power Down Pete who came with some important messages about how we can all do our bit to save the planet.  Please take some time to ask your child about what they learned as there were some very useful lessons for us all.

Miss Mandelson has ordered a copy of this fantastic story which Power Down Pete shared with the children.  Look out for it in our school library very soon!

The children have had great fun composing alliterative sentences about themselves
having been inspired by two alphabetically-ordered texts in our English lessons this week. We shall be adding these to our class book 'We are Tigers!'.  Please see the homework page for further details about how you can help with this work at home.

In Maths, the younger children have been counting and ordering numbers to 20, particularly exploring teen numbers and how the are made from one ten and some ones - we have enjoyed singing 'Teen Numbers - they start with a 1!'.  Well done to Matilda for an excellent explanation to help the younger children to understand why the teen numbers can be tricky! The Y2 children have explored partitioning larger two-digit numbers in different ways, eg  knowing that...
53 = 50 + 3
53 = 40 + 13
53 = 30 + 23
53 = 20 + 33
53 = 10 + 43



In English with Mrs Clegg this week, the children have planned their own stories based on 'The Tiger Who Came to Tea'.  We had a great variety of animals used as an alternative to a tiger; Autumn wrote a story about an octopus whilst Ted based his story on a hamster!  We tried to remember everything we needed to include in a good sentence- we have even practised using adjectives to describe!
Maths has been a challenge this week as we have used nets to make 3D shapes.  We have also been learning how to describe shapes using the correct vocabulary.  Once we had made our cubes, cuboids, pyramids and cylinders we described the number and shape of their faces.  Keep looking for 3D shapes around your house!
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