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Weekly Update - 30th April 2021

30 Apr 2021


We can't believe that it is May tomorrow, this year really is flying by! We hope that you have a lovely 3 day weekend and that the weather isn't too wet. 

We have had another great week in school and the children are regularly on the field at playtimes now all playing together which has been lovely to see. We've had some lovely sunshine and brighter times are definitely ahead. 

In Maths this week we have adding and subtracting fractions. I was really impressed with the Y3/4 children who quickly recognised that we only need to add the numerator and they had a really good go at solving problems. The Y5/6 children had a much trickier job of adding fractions with different denominators but they really showed some great perseverance in trying to find equivalent fractions to help them. 

In Geography we continued our topic of Natural Disasters and started to learn about volcanoes and how they are formed. We used paper to thing about tectonic plates and how they move and then discovered how volcanoes are made up of layers as a result of numerous eruptions. 

In RE the Year 3/4 children thought about how Christians show their faith in church and we started by thinking about what we would see happening inside a church on Sunday, a weekday and an evening. We then looked at a church noticeboard and used Bible quotes to link what happens in churches throughout the week. The Y5/6 children started to look at the Five Pillars of Islam and considered how Shahadah helps Muslims through the journey of life. They looked at Bilal's story and considered what was important to him. 

Just a reminder that MyMaths homework is set on a Wednesday and is to be completed by Monday. I have set it to Tuesday for this week with it being a bank holiday. There are also sessions on TT Rockstars that the children need to complete each week too - our Y5/6 children are really starting to realise the importance of this knowledge across a range of mathematical content and not knowing your tables has a huge impact on your ability to solve problems quickly and efficiently. 

Continuing our topic of states of matter in science, we carried out a fair test to compare the melting points of different substances.  The children tested ice, butter and chocolate using a thermometer to record the temperature as they melted.  We will use the data to create graphs to compare the rate at which each substance melted.

In PSCHE we are looking at what having a Growth Mindset means and how it can help us in school and in our daily lives outside school.  The children have enjoyed taking part in challenges to try to understand how we can achieve more with the right mindset.

In English, the children completed their own stories based on The Lost Thing by Shaun Tan.  I will upload some images of the stories during the week.  

We had our second lesson with Ellie down at the tennis courts and this week the children learned how to hold a racquet correctly and the best way to hit the ball.  Working in pairs the children attempted to rally with their partner while keeping the ball under control.

Our lovely Y6 children received their leavers' hoodies this week - to their great delight.  We would like to say a big thankyou to the Friends of St Nicholas School for providing these and especially to Mrs McNamara who organised it all and wrapped the hoodies up so beautifully.

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