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Weekly update - week comencing 28th September 2020

03 Oct 2020

We hope that you have all had a good week. We have had a brilliant week in school, despite having some children not there.
If your child has to self-isolate, but is otherwise fit and healthy, then we will provide them with home learning for the time that they are off school. The home learning will reflect what we are doing in school that day so that we try to limit, where possible, any gaps in learning. We will email this to your child at the start of the day and there is an expectation that the work is completed. We need you to either email the work to the class teacher at the end of the day, or if this is not an option then send the work in with the child on their return to school. It is vital that the children are engaging with home learning and we know, as always, that you will work together with us on this during these challenging times.


We have been informed by North Yorkshire Police that there is a new app/website in circulation called Omegle. It’s a free online chat website that allows people to chat with others (strangers) – however it does not require people to register. It can randomly pair people together to chat with anonymous names. It does have an age limit of 13 with a recommendation on the site to only use under the age of 18 with parental guidance – however having no registration process or age verification means users can click on a button to chat. Normally we would refer parents to Net Aware website which lists the age limits and concerns etc. or apps/websites – however from checking Omegle it is not on there. As always we ask
 that you constantly check what your children are doing when they are online to ensure their safety.

 You should by now have seen our email/letter regarding harvest. Don’t forget there is a flowers competition. Click on the image below to find out more.




This week in Maths the children have continued their work on Place Value. We have looked at number lines and where we can position numbers thinking about what we know about the value of the number and the start and end numbers on the number line.
In Geography we thought about what counties are. We used atlases to find our county and neighbouring counties and then found these on a map of England using a key to show which county were where.
In RE the children thought about the Bible and how it is put together. We looked at the significance of the numbers 2, 66, 1,189 and 31,000 – ask your child and see if they can remember what these numbers were for.
Thank you for your support with recognising the need for wet weather gear for Forest School.  Most of the children were fully kitted out this week. Have a look at the photographs below to see just how wet and muddy the Forest School area can be.  The children love their sessions with Madeline and get a huge amount out of their outdoor learning.  Apart from learning life skills such as developing knowledge of fire and safety, tying knots and how to handle dangerous tools safely they also develop a sense of awe and wonder in our natural world and learn how to be confident communicators; be mentally, physically and spiritually healthy; be creative and be curious during these sessions.  Madeline plans in wonderful experiences for our children and they continue to be a firm favourite part of the curriculum for the children.  We would like to say a huge thank you to Mrs Petchey for her invaluable help every week. 

Tiger Class will be going down to Forest School for the next three weeks.  Panthers will be taught by Mrs Clegg every Wednesday afternoon who will be doing Design and Technology.

You should have had a letter ( hard copy and on Parent Pay) about parent consultations which will take place by telephone on Wednesday afternoon/evening.   Please send your preferred slot in as soon as possbile.  Please add the phone number that you would like to be contacted on onto the slip.

Here is a link to the letters that have been sent out this week incase you did not receive them:

  -Harvest Letter.pdf-  

  -Parent Consultation.pdf-  

Have a lovely weekend and stay dry!