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Week Commencing 1st June

01 Jun 2020

Good morning Panthers. We hope that you had a great half term. Wasn't the weather fantastic! We had lots of fun at home in the garden playing in the paddling pool and went on a nice long walk exploring the woods and gorge near where we live. What did you get up to? Why not send us an email this morning to say hello and let us know what adventures you have been getting up to. 

This week the teachers will be busy back in school getting the classroom ready and safe for when some of you return back to school. It's a very strange time for everyone and I know there will be lots of different thoughts going through your head - if you have any questions or worries please do talk to your grown ups and email me or Mrs Hatch and we will see what we can do to help. I will be on the email from 9-10am today. 

The Oak Academy is online for you to continue your home learning and later this week we will be introducing some new homelearning plans to help keep you focused throughout the day - look out for these. 

Some of you may remember the Young Voices concert that Mrs Harris has worked with you on in previous years. Unfortunately that can't happen at the moment but Mrs Harris has emailed me to say that she has heard that Young Voices are doing a huge singalong event at home this TUESDAY at 2:30pm. 

Click on the picture below for more details. You will need a grown up to sign up so they can be sent the details via email.  



We look forward to hearing from you and are missing you all lots. 

Miss Asker


Good Morning Panthers

Today, your home learning takes on a new look.  Every day this week Miss Asker and I will  put a daily plan up on the website.  The plan is broken down into small chunks of learning that we hope you will be able to manage.  Each day will include lots of things that we would be doing at school if we were all there together.  Today, we have included a Joe Wicks workout of course ( we hope you are keeping up with him! ) and an assembly from the Oak Academy.  Then you will see we have given you links to grammar, spellings, English and Maths.  For some of these lessons we have suggested how long you should be spending on it.  Many of the activities can either be printed out or copied down into your exercise books.  For the last session this week we have included some lovely activities based around the International Space Station which has been in the news recently. 

We hope you will find this new plan a bit easier to follow and know exactly what we expect you to be doing.  This plan will continue in the coming weeks.  The children who are able to return to school when it reopens will be doing a very similar timetable when they are at school.  

Please let us know how you are getting on with this new timetable.  You can send any work or photographs or questions to us on the Panthers email or you can chat about it when you get your phone call.  

I will be available via email today between 9am - 10am.
You will find today's plan by clicking the link below. 

Mrs Hatch

  -Panthers Daily Plan Tuesday 2nd June-V297248625.docx-  
Good morning Panthers. I hope you had a great day yesterday and enjoyed the sunshine. I fear that that may be the last of the sun and exceptional weather for a few days! 

How did you get on with your new style daily planning yesterday? Thank you to the parent who made us aware that some of the links that we added to the daily plan required you to log in and that you were unable to do so. We apologise for this. We have kept the spelling/phonics and grammar focuses the same today and I have downloaded the links you need. You will see that I have attached these documents/links below the daily plan - please do let us know if these don't work. 

I will be on the email between 9 and 10am today if you need to ask me anything. I would love to see what you got up to yesterday and hear what you think of our new planning format. 

Miss Asker

Here is today's plan:

  -Daily Plan - 3.6.20.pdf-  

The PowerPoints and Activities needed for Phonics/Spelling and Grammar are here:

 Year 3/4 :

  -Prefix Inter PowerPoint-V297291974.ppt-  

  -Identifying an Adverb in a Sentence Powerpoint-V297291994.ppt-  

  -Identifying an Adverb in a Sentence - 1 Star-V297292020.pdf-  

  -Identifying an Adverb in a Sentence - 2 Star-V297292020.pdf-  

  -Identifying an Adverb in a Sentence - 3 Star-V297292020.pdf-  

Year 5/6 :

  -Adding Suffixes to Words That End In fer Activity Sheet.pdf-  

  -Adding Vowel Suffixes to Word That End In fer PowerPoint.ppt-  

  -Passive and Active Activity Sheets.pdf-  

  -Passive and Active Presentation.ppt-  
Good Morning Panthers

What a change in the weather!  It felt more like winter yesterday.  I hope you still managed to get outside for some exercise and fresh air.  

Please click on the link below to find your plan for today.  The worksheets can also be found below too.  Today I have included some word searches which you can print out.  If you don't have a printer how about making up your own wordsearch which includes this week's spellings then give it to someone else in your house to solve.

I will be available by email this morning from 9am-10am.

Have a great day everyone.

Mrs Hatch

  -Panthers Daily Plan Thursday 4th June.pdf-  

  -words ending in ly.pdf-  

  -Word Search words with the prefix inter.pdf-  


  -active or passive voice.pdf-  

  -Word Search words ending in fer.pdf-  
I can't believe it is Friday already! Where has this week gone. Time certainly is flying by. I wonder how you have got on with the new daily plans this week? Is there anything you have particularly enjoyed or not as the case may be. Any feedback from you or your grown ups would be greatly appreciated. 

While you are working hard at home today Mrs Hatch, Mrs Harris and I wll be getting the classroom ready for the children we will be welcoming back in to school next week. I know after speaking to some of you today you are excited to be coming back. School may be a little different to how it was before and we will try and post some pictures on here over the weekend so that those of you who are returning to school next week can see what your classroom will look like. I will keep checking the emails over the weekend so if anyone has any questions at all please do contact us at

Here is your daily plan for tomorrow. I have also attached the activity sheet for your wellbing activity too. Don't worry if you can't print it out - why not have a go at setting it out your own way. 

Have a fantastic day and a good weekend and we will speak to you soon. 

Miss Asker

  -Daily Plan - 5.6.20.pdf-  

  -I am an Amazing Person.pdf-  
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