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02 Dec 2021  -  Pri: 10/12/2021
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Week Commencing 18th May

18 May 2020

Good morning Panthers.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend.  One thing we should all be grateful for is the lovely weather we have had during lockdown.  It has enabled us to get outside and enjoy the fresh air whether it be walking, cycling or just playing in the garden.  I really hope that you do get out as much as you can.  

Another thing I enjoyed last week, was phoning round and chatting to some of you.  We will be doing it again this week so you might get a phone call from myself, Miss Asker, Mrs Walker or Mrs Willan.  

Please keep up with the Oak Academy learning as much as you can - it really will help you when things return to normal.

Mrs Hatch

Good morning Panthers,

How are you all doing? Are you ready for the sunshine tomorrow - it's meant to be the hottest day of the year so far. I know we will be spending lots of time in the garden enjoying the sunshine. Remember to stay safe using your suncream. 

Did you know that it was Mental Health Awareness Week? What have you been doing to look after yourself and keep your mind healthy? I have tried to make sure I have some time to myself (which is very tricky in this house with two little boys around!). I like having a nice hot bath, finding time to read my book and having a potter around in the garden looking after my plants. There are lots of great ideas online for keeping mindful and healthy. Why not have a go at some.









If you have been missing our Collective Worships here is a link below to this week's Collective Worship with Rev Sian. (Click on the picture and it will take you to the YouTube video).



I will be on the emails this morning from 9-10am if you want to drop by and say hello. It really does make our day when you drop in and say hello. Also, parents, if you have any worries about home learning please do get in touch via the email. 

Speak to you all soon. 

Miss Asker


Welcome to Wednesday!

What a beautiful day we have in store.  I imagine that many of you will be out in your gardens in a paddling pool today.  I hope you have a lot of fun and the sunny weather lifts your spirits.

One thing that has lifted my spirit today was hearing the news that Captain Tom Moore is to be given a knighthood by the Queen for the amazing amount of money that he raised by a simple act of walking.  Like many other people, I watched Sir Tom being interviewed on the BBC this morning and was once again moved by this incredible man who has managed to touch the hearts of people all around the world.  He surely is a bright light in these dark times.  If you haven't yet seen the video he made I have posted the link below.  Bravo Sir Tom and thank you. 

Have a lovely day everyone.
Mrs Hatch


What a beautiful day we had yesterday! I hope you all had lots of fun in the sun. Today is meant to be another nice day, although not as warm which may be a relief to some of you. 

We are amazed at how well you are all continuing to do with your home learning. Why not have a look at the homework tab above and see what Matthew and Amy have been up to. 

I mentioned earlier on in the week that today was Mental Health Awareness Week. The theme this year is kindness. Have a look at the video below. 


 I wonder what you can do over the next couple of days that would be seen as an act of kindness. I think the most important thing about being kind is the amazing impact it has on both the person you are being kind to and you, knowing you have made someone feel better. I am in awe of some of the random acts of kindness I have seen during these strange times. There is a real sense of community and everyone looking after each other. 

I will be on the email today from 9-10am. Please do say hello. I am also looking forward to making my phonecalls this afternoon. I know some of you have already had a phone call from Mrs Walker this week. 

Stay safe and enjoy the sunshine. 
Miss Asker
Hello Panthers from Mrs Umpleby

I thought you might like to know what I have been up to as  well as doing my school work at home.
  -What has Mrs Umpleby been doing.pdf-  

I am missing being at school  and seeing you all!!


What a lovely surprise hearing from Mrs Umpleby.  It sounds like she is kept very busy with school work and looking after the animals on the farm.  You have also been very busy looking at the photographs which Miss Asker has put on the website ( click on the homework tab above).  We really do love to get your photos and emails.

Next week is half-term so you can have a whole week off your home learning.  I hope you find lots of things to do and fingers crossed that the weather continues to be kind.  

Stay safe everyone and we will be in touch again after half-term.

Mrs Hatch



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