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Weekly Update - 7.2.2020

Miss Asker and Mrs Hatch - 07 Feb 2020

Another busy week in school this week and only one more to go before the half-term break.

This week in English the children ventured into the rainforest. We had heard that there was a rare creature around the corner from our camp. We crept into the clearing and caught sight of an poison arrow frog. We made notes on what we could see including: what it looked like; how it moved and what it was doing. The children then wrote diary entries about their adventures.
With Mrs Hatch we looked at the rules about using direct speech and reported speech.  The children used their imagination to continue the dialogue between two characters in the book.

In Maths we continued our work on equivalent fractions and simplifying fractions. We used a range of hands on equipment, bar models and fraction walls to solve problems looking at fractions in different representations.
With Mrs Hatch we finished our unit on rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100, 1000.  The children seem to have grasped this concept really well.

In Computing we continued our work on spreadsheets. The children had a spelling test file and they had to input formulas to work out the total and average scores for each pupil. They then had to use the sort tool to sort the data into descending order.

In Geography the children began researching the four different layers of the rainforest. They had to make notes from various different sources and then used these notes to create a fact sheet. They then started to use watercolours to create their own artwork of their layer.

In Science, we looked at how animals can adapt to their environment which enables their species to survive.  The older children discussed natural selection by researching what happened to the peppered moth during the Industrial Revolution, while the younger children identifed habitats of different living things and how they have adapted to survive in those habitats.

Homework is on the homework tab above.

Have a lovely weekend.

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