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Weekly Update - 10.1.2020

Miss Asker and Mrs Hatch - 10 Jan 2020

Happy New Year!

We hope that you all had a lovely Christmas. The children came back into school very excited on Tuesday keen to share all that they had been doing over the holidays. It certainly sounded like you all had a fabulous Christmas break.

This week we launched our new topic 'Rainforests'. We listened to sounds of the rainforest and after reading the opening of a story we thought about what a rainforest may look like. We are really excited to learn all about the rainforest throughout the term.

In maths we started our unit of work on fractions, decimals and percentages thinking about what we already knew and what we needed to build on over the coming weeks. The Y3/4 children started to think about unit and non-unit fractions and the Y5/6 children looked at improper fractions and mixed numbers and we used our knowlegde of the times tables to work out how to convert from one to the other. MyMaths homework will begin next Wednesday so look out on your account.

The children had a great time on Wednesday afternoon down in the forest. Miss Asker was very impressed with the children's knowledge of keeping safe down in the forest during their briefing with Madeleine before going down.  See below for some photographs.

We have had a few changes with our timetable and spoke to the children about these on Tuesday. We will now be having Collective Worship on a morning Monday - Thursday. Miss Asker worked all day Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week and will be in all day Monday and Tuesday next week. Mrs Hatch worked all day Thursday and Friday this week and will work all day Wednesday, Thursday and Friday next week. We will continue alternating like this. Remember we have an open door policy, so if you have any concerns please do not hesitate to come in and speak to either of us.

In PE, the children started to get ready for the gymnastics competition which is on Monday 16th January.  Five of the Y3/4 children will be selected to represent our school.  If your child is in Y3/4 they should have taken home a sheet with the body mangement routine exercises on.  It would be great if they could practise these over the next few days.  We will be doing further practise in school during next week.

In French, we practised saying and following classroom instructions such as 'Assayez- vous', 'Levez-vous', 'Taisev-vous', 'Rangez vos chaise', 'Regarde' and 'Regarde-moi'.  Can the children tell you what we learned?

Mrs Hatch told the children about an exciting project involving the development of our outdoor space.  We are hoping to secure a grant to allow us to develop a sensory garden, bird sanctuary and vegetable patch in the school grounds.  The children immediately came up with some fantastic ideas about what sort of things might be included in the garden to stimulate all of our senses.  We shared these ideas during our celebration assembly on Friday.  Our next step is to use some of the ideas to design and plan the garden.  Watch this space for future developments on these big plans!

We are very excited for this term and we hope to share some fantastic learning with you - remember to check in on the webpage each Friday.

Miss Asker and Mrs Hatch

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