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Weekly Update - 25.10.19

Miss Asker and Mrs Hatch - 25 Oct 2019

We can’t quite believe that this is the final update of this half-term. The children have made a great start to the year and have been very patient and adaptable whilst we have made many changes to the timetable/seating to ensure that all children are being given their best learning experience. We are very proud of the children and know they will continue to flourish after the half-term break.

In Maths this week we have continued to build on our addition and subtraction skills. The Year 3/4 children have been using their knowledge of place value and number facts to 10 to add multiples of 10, 100 and 1,000 and the Y5/6 children have been using their knowledge of column addition and subtraction to solve puzzles.
We have also continued our work on converting units of measure.  The Y3/4 children used bar models to convert mm into cm and the Y5/6 children used reasoning and problem solving skills to convert different metric units. 

In English the children edited and improved their harvest poems and then presented them with some fantastic illustrations. We hope you enjoyed hearing some of these in our Harvest Festival on Thursday.
With Mrs Hatch, the children are learning how to write a diary.  We will continue this after half-term as we carry on using the fabulous book 'Shackleton's Journey'.

In Topic the children learnt about prime meridian and why we have different time zones. They then used tables, maps and atlases to work out the time in different parts of the world.

In RE we listened to and acted out the stories of Moses and Saint Paul. They thought carefully about how a visit from God had affected both men’s lives.

We hope that all the children have a lovely break and recharge their batteries ready for the next half-term. We understand the importance of family time and the need to rest and explore and therefore will not be giving the children homework over the holidays. We would just ask the children continued to read over half-term.

Don't forget that the Y6 children have been challenged to read '20 books' before they leave Y6.  We have a great selection of challenging and interesting texts in our school library for them to choose from.  Why not pop in to see some of the great reads we have on offer.


Have a great break.  


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