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Miss Mandelson - 14 Jul 2020

To end our PSHE topic we celebrated the end of the year with some challenges.  Team work was key to our success.  Look at how well the Tigers worked together with lots of fun and laughter along the way!

Water Olympics
The Tigers worked well together to see which team could transport the most water from their bucket to their measuring cylinder...but there were a few obstacles along the way!

Round One
Each member of the team was given a tiny cup.  Everyone had to do their bit to collect water and bring it back to their base:
Round Two
Then we shifted up a gear.  The children had to balance their tiny cup on a bat...whilst still climbing over the obstacles.  There were surprisingly few spillages along the way!  Slow and steady wins the race as Autumn reminded us.
Round Three
Next we used sponges to collect the water, trying to soak up as much as we could before squeezing out every last drop!
The Results
Well done to the Blue Team who managed to work together to fill their measuring cylinder right to the very top!  Red and Yellow Teams came joint second as amazingly each team brought back exactly the same amount of water!

The Cheesy Challenge
This challenge involved trying to get as many cheesy puffs to stick to the target as possible with the help of some shaving foam and the protection of a shower cap!  First the teams had to decide between them who would do what.  Would everyone be a target and a thrower?  Or would some be the targets whilst the others aim and launch the cheesy puffs?

Red Team were keen to go first with Matilda and Mark volunteering to be targets whilst Daisy and Kitty took aim.  Between them they managed to get an amazing 21 cheesy puffs to stick to the targets!

Next up were the Yellow Team.  This time Poppy and Charlie stepped forward to be the targets whilst Autumn and Olivia took aim with the cheesy puffs.  They had obviously paid close attention to the strategies used by the Reds and had a plan!  Well done Poppy for standing really still as this helped Olivia to land a huge number of puffs on the target!  Autumn and Charlie did pretty well too and between them the Yellow Team achieved a triumphant score of 30 points! 

This time the more hesitant team were Blue Team.  No-one was up for being the target and, after their victory in the previous challenge, it looked like this time they were heading for zero points!!  Luckily they managed to find a target but with only two packets of cheesy puffs and one target to aim for, they only managed 8 points!  No bonus points were awarded for puffs landing in Miss M's mouth!
The last job was to work as a team to clear everything up leaving just a few cheesy puffs for the birds to enjoy! Great team work, everyone.

Maybe you could think of some more challenges to practise team work over the summer.  Do send in any ideas, photographs or instructions for your classmates to try.  We would love to see what you come up with.  Have fun!

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