Rocket Class Weekly News 17th September
Mrs Clegg
17 Sep 2021  -  Pri: 24/09/2021
Week Beginning 7.9.21
Mrs Clegg
09 Sep 2021





Weekly News 28th May 2021

Miss Mandelson and Mrs Clegg - 27 May 2021

Blow Wind Blow!
It was a strange start to the week for Miss Mandelson as a few things have taken her out of the classroom, leaving the Tigers in the very capable hands of Mrs Marley, Mrs Cornforth and Mrs Millions. This week the weather watchers in Tiger Class have been exploring wind (of the weather variety!!) through the story of Mrs Mopple's Washing Line.  Even though Miss Mandelson was not in class, she could hear that great fun was being had by all as the children acted out the story involving all sorts of hilarious capers when Mrs Mopple's washing was blown around the farmyard...
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Mrs Cornforth also brought in a beautiful book which she used to help the children to consolidate their learning about the four seasons.  They are trying really hard to recall which season each month falls in - perhaps this is something they could practise at home.

In Mathematics, Mrs Marley showed the children how to present the data they had collected on tally charts as a pictogram.  As well as constructing pictograms, they are also becoming very good at interpreting them, asking and answering questions about the data they show.  Look at our human pictogram below.  Can you see which season was the most popular?  How many more people prefer summer than spring?  Which season had the fewest number of votes?


The younger children have been exploring subtraction through 'windy day takeway' number stories.  They are becoming very confident when using the - and = symbols to record what has happened.

In Maths with Mrs Clegg, we have continued our learning on shapes.  Reception have been sorting 2d and 3d shapes, as well as investigating which ones roll; whilst KS1 have been describing 2d shapes with a particular focus on the word "vertices."  I wonder if your child can explain what vertices are?

In English, the Reception children have played 'Kim's Game.'  You may remember this one from your childhood; there are several objects on a tray, the tray is covered up and you have to remember what's on there.  Just to challenge the Reception children a little further, they then had to make up a story about the objects on the tray.  Today we are going to see if they can remember the story...and therefore the objects on the tray!

The KS1 children have been working hard on producing their own non-chronological reports about tigers.  They have found out some really amazing facts.  Did you know that tigers love to swim?  Or their favourite fact: did you know that tigers have retractable claws?

As always, we have seen many Tigers shining like stars this week.  Take a look at some of the weather poems the children completed with Mrs Marley using some great expanded noun phrases:
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Wishing all our families a wonderful half-term break.  We have experienced almost every type of weather so far this term, in reality as well as through our learning, and we really think that it is time for the sun to make an appearance now!  Fingers crossed for some warm and sunny weather for us all.
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