Rocket Class Weekly News 17th September
Mrs Clegg
17 Sep 2021  -  Pri: 24/09/2021
Week Beginning 7.9.21
Mrs Clegg
09 Sep 2021





Weekly News 13th November 2020

Miss Mandelson and Mrs Clegg - 12 Nov 2020

London Calling
The Tiger classroom has been transformed this week into a bustling tourist hotspot as the children have learned all about landmarks in our capital city.  They have set up a tourist information centre and have been very busy making postcards and other souvenirs to sell in our new gift shop.  The younger children have been busy making a map of London which stretches the length of the classroom.  Look below for just a small section of it.  Which London landmark can you see next to the River Thames...
 ...and who are those guards at the Tower of London?  I wonder if the children can remember why we call them 'Beefeaters'?

In English with Miss Mandelson, we have continued to follow the Queen and her soldiers in pursuit of the Queen's hat.  We have scrambled over the London Eye which gave us great views across the London cityscape, and just look where the hat is now! 
Will the Queen ever get her hat back?!  Exploring this week's plot points has given us some great opportunities to continue to include some more onomatapoeia and similes in our writing.  Come back next week to find out what happens as we come to the end of our adventure.

In Maths this week, Blue and Green groups have been learning about number fact families.  So for example, if they were given 5, 3 and 2, how many different number sentences could they make?  We talked about addition being  'commutative'- meaning that you can change the order of the numbers; so 3+2=5 is the same as 2+3=5.  But we realised that we can't do this with subtraction.  We also looked at putting the answer first, for example 5=3+2.  See if you can have a go at home this weekend!

The Reception children have had to use their ears very carefully in Maths.  Mrs Clegg had a basket of instruments and they had to count how many times they heard the instrument making a sound.  They really enjoyed following this up with a listening game on the interactive whiteboard.

Our Art was a little different this started with a stick hunt!  The children had to go on the field and collect sticks of different lengths and thicknesses.  How could this be Art?  Well, the sticks were going to become 'paintbrushes' as we used them to paint Autumn trees!  We loved dipping our sticks in the paint and exploring the different textures we could achieve with our sticks.
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Finally, the children have had a great week taking part in Children in Need's 'Five to Thrive' campaign.  They have joined Joe Wicks for a daily workout and explored the five ways to wellbeing with him each day.  For more information, click on the image below:
Thank you to Maisie, our school council representative, for helping to organise this and many thanks to all our families for donating so generously via the School Council's Justgiving page.


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