Rocket Class Weekly News 17th September
Mrs Clegg
17 Sep 2021  -  Pri: 24/09/2021
Week Beginning 7.9.21
Mrs Clegg
09 Sep 2021





Weekly News 23rd October 2020

Miss Mandelson and Mrs Clegg - 22 Oct 2020

Pumpkin Problems!
What a super first half of the Autumn Term we have had in Tigers!  We are very proud of how well the children have settled in to new routines following such a long and turbulent break from school, especially the Reception children who have started school in very unusual circumstances!  As ever, we have had a busy week and we are all ready for the half-term holiday now.

In Mathematics this week, we have not only been comparing numbers but also size.  Have you ever wondered how many seeds a pumpkin has or whether the biggest pumpkin would contain the greatest number of seeds?  Well Tiger Class have been investigating this very question...
It was a whole class effort with the younger children delving deep to retrieve every last pumpkin seed before the older children set about counting them.  In fact, our biggest pumpkin did have the most seeds (402).  However, we were very surprised to find that the smallest pumpkin had 261 seeds whilst the medium sized pumpkin had only 149!  Apparently it is all to do with how long the pumpkin has been on the vine.  Also, the darker the pumpkin and the more lines it has on its skin, the more seeds it is likely to have.

In this week's English with Miss Mandelson, the children set off on an adventure to follow the Queen's hat as the wind blew it all the way down The Mall from Buckingham Palace to Trafalgar Square.  The next thing we knew, it had set off again to London Zoo!  The younger children had great fun designing and building their own zoos whilst the older children skillfully wrote about the rumpus which unfolded as the animals screeched, chattered, squawked, roared and hissed!  A big thank you to Mrs Marley who came in to cover this week and taught the children all about Queen Elizabeth II's coronation in their History lesson.  We shall be exploring more of London next half-term as we find out where the Queen's hat went next!

In English with Mrs Clegg, we listened to the author Helen Cooper reading her book 'Pumpkin Soup.'  The older children enjoyed thinking of synonyms for the 'rumpus' in the old white cabin. We had a long list including: squabble, fight, hubbub, riot, quarrel....Mark even said that his mum says "rocket Ralph" for 'argument!'  Today the children became authors themselves, and wrote the final page of the story.  They had some great ideas for what happened next; Evie wrote about the cat and the squirrel leaving home this time, leaving the duck on his own.  What a super twist on the earlier plot!

We also enjoyed watching the 'Dark Nights' presentation sent to us by the local Police and Fire stations.  It was very thought provoking and made us all question how we can keep ourselves safe after the clocks change this weekend.  We thought it was especially important to have reflectors on our bikes and clothes, not have fireworks in small gardens and always look left, right and then left again when crossing the road.  Parents should have received more information on this presentation via email this week.

Finally, a big well done to all the children that have accessed Bug Club and MyMaths at home.  However, we would like to encourage ALL of the KS1 children to access both of these learning platforms every week.  They really do help to consolidate prior learning and will certainly help to prevent any boredom over half term!  Please do find some time to look at these websites with your chld.

Have a lovely half-term everyone.  Stay safe!

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