Weekly News 16th October 2020
Miss Mandelson and Mrs Clegg
15 Oct 2020
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Miss Mandelson and Mrs Clegg
27 Aug 2020




Weekly News 16th October 2020

Miss Mandelson and Mrs Clegg - 15 Oct 2020

 Autumn Days
The Tigers have been noticing many signs of Autumn this week as the weather has got a little nippy and the trees are beginning to lose their leaves.  We had great mathematical fun as we tackled our bi-annual conker count!  This year we were a little disappointed with the small number of conkers we found in St Nicholas churchyard.  (In 2018 we collected 1,589 there!)...so we decided to widen our search.  Mark brought in the conkers he had collected in Well, Miss Mandelson stopped at each horse chestnut tree on her way home to Ripon and Suzanne and Leyna kindly helped out by visiting Thorp Perrow for us!

First we compared the quantities from each location, estimating how many conkers were in each bag, before the older children set about using their knowledge of place value to count them systematically:
Then we compared the results with our estimates (a great opportunity to use inequality symbols) and ordered the numbers to see which location had yielded the most and least:


The following day Mark set about finding the grand total using jottings and pictures to help him, before checking with a calculator.  Between us we had collected an amazing 773!

In English we have unwrapped our class text to find that many of our predictions from last week were spot on!  The Queen's Hat by Steve Antony does indeed feature Her Majesty the Queen.  We have been busy exploring techniques such as onomatopoeia and similes in our writing to describe what happens to the Queen's hat on a very windy day.  The younger children have enjoyed following instructions to make kites - a great way to help us experience windy weather for ourselves.  We have also enjoyed simulating the wind with fans and hairdryers!

In English with Mrs Clegg, we started reading 'Pumpkin Soup' by Helen Cooper.  It tells the story of three friends ( a cat, a squirrel and a duck) who all live together in a old white cabin in the woods.  Each animal has a different role to play : from preparing the ingredients, to cooking the ingredients and even stirring the ingredients to make the pumpkin soup.  However, one day Duck decides that he wants to become 'chief stirrer'...Squirrel isn't happy and thinks everybody should stick to their own job.  There follows a "racket and a rumpus", which ends with Duck leaving the old white cabin.  Will he ever return?  Will his friends let him have a turn at stirring the soup?  We are all enjoying exploring both the moral and seasonal themes of this story, and we will continue our work on this next week.

In Art this week, we found out about Bridget Riley, who is a famous artist that creates simple line drawings and optical illusions.  Some of her pictures look like they're moving!  We had a go at creating our own line drawings, using different pressures and textures with our pencils.  There were some great results!  Some children even managed to disguise different body parts in their art work!  Well done Tigers!

Finally, Year One and Two children are coming home today with their MyMaths log in details.  I will set a Maths task each Friday that the children need to complete at home before the following Friday.  This will follow up and consolidate the work done in school.  Please support your child to complete this homework.  If you need any further help or information please don't hesitate to ask.




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