Rocket Class Weekly News 17th September
Mrs Clegg
17 Sep 2021  -  Pri: 24/09/2021
Week Beginning 7.9.21
Mrs Clegg
09 Sep 2021





Weekly News 2nd October 2020

Miss Mandelson and Mrs Clegg - 01 Oct 2020

Animals and their habitats
Did you guess which special 'under the sea' creature we might be looking at this week?  The Tigers did!  They were thrilled to receive not one, but two octopuses to examine in our investigation area - another big thank you to Mr and Mrs Carrick for all their help with this.  They were certainly fine specimens as you can see.  It was also great to see the increasing curiosity and bravery amongst the children this week as they handled and compared the fish.
This experience really helped the older children as they set about naming and describing the parts of a fish in relation to our work around the story of The Rainbow Fish.  Having heard that Rainbow Fish had gone missing, the children set about making some 'Lost' posters with some fantastic descriptions.  Everyone has been working really hard on their computing skills too using the laptops to create their posters with both text and images.  Well done to all the children but a special mention goes to Leroy this week, who is fast becoming a super writer now that he is in Year Two:

Just a little editing to do and then we shall be ready to display the posters.

In Maths this week we have continued our learning on place value, partitioning two digit numbers into tens and ones.  Kitty was a whizz at this!  Can you see which two digit numbers she is representing?

The Reception children have been counting with 1:1 correspondence, touching an object each time they say a number name.  We have also had a first look at 2d shapes to see which ones we recognise.  The rectangle and the oval caught some of us out!  Can you have a look around your house for some shapes this weekend?  Have you got any oval or rectangular things in your house?

Just a little reminder that your child needs to read at home every night if possible and then bring their book back to school on Thursday or Friday so it can be quarantined over the weekend.  It's really important that children read each day and has a huge impact on their progress in school.  Thank you for your support in this.

Also, could everybody please check at home for Alexander's jumper?  It is from Asda and has his name in.  We think someone may have picked it up by mistake.  We have a plain blue Asda jumper in the classroom, age 6-7, so is possible that somebody has Alexander's which is identical but age 4-5.
Finally, Sharon is preparing a lovely Harvest lunch of homemade sausage rolls or pizza, followed by chocolate cake on Tuesday 6th October.  We hope lots of children will enjoy this special meal together.  Remember it is free for children in Tiger class!  There is also a competition to do at home:  make or draw a flower and then send a photo into school via
Prizes for all entrants!  Sounds like a nice activity for the rainy weekend that is coming our way!
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