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Week commencing 13th July 2020

Miss Mandelson and Mrs Clegg - 12 Jul 2020

    Welcome to our final week of learning for this academic year.  Please click on the link below to find this week's learning tasks:
Good morning, Tigers, and welcome to the last Monday of the school year!  It is hard to believe that we are already in the last week of term and that the summer holidays are nearly here.  This week our theme is 'memories' as we remember all the good times we have shared together in Tiger Class so far...and as we get ready to say farewell to the Year Two children as they head to new adventures in Panther Class.
What an unusual year we have had but still with lots of happy memories to take away with us.
A big thank you to Mark, Ted and Kitty who helped out at church yesterday along with Amy and Harrison.  I know it brings a lot of joy to the church folk to see some children from school at the family service - and never more so than after this long time of 'lockdown'.  You all did a super job representing your school!  Click below to find the next Collective Worship from Reverend Cleeves and his friend, Arnold the Aardvark:
Have a great day, Tigers.  Let's make the most of every minute of this last week.

Hello Tigers...and already we have reached the last Tuesday of the school year!  It has been a very nostalgic week so far as we have explored our memories.  As we have learned from Wilfrid Gordon MacDonald Partridge and his friends, a memory can be something warm, something from long ago, something which makes you cry, something which makes you laugh or something which is as precious as gold.  We are looking forward to making some new memories today as we embark on some team-building fun and games at school.  We hope you will be able to try some of these activities at home too - look out for some photos tomorrow.  One lasting memory from the year is our discovery of a postcard which led us to the Marmion Tower and the wonderful story of Rapunzel by Bethan Woollvin.  Today we are looking forward to settling down to watch the Disney film 'Tangled' in her honour.  I think a few of us can really identify with Rapunzel after waiting all this time for hairdressing salons to reopen!

Yesterday the Year Two children brought home an activity sheet from Miss Asker - their first taste of Panther Class.  Miss Asker has invited the children to join in with this Panther Class project if they would like to.  She and Mrs Hatch are looking forward to receiving some messages, photos, etc so they can begin to get to know you better before you join them in September.  Mrs Clegg and I have already told them what a super bunch you are!
Here's to a great day, Tigers!  

We are nearly there now Tigers!  Mrs Sharp and I really enjoyed our last day with you all yesterday - it certainly was a day to remember! We were really impressed with your team work and the way in which you helped each other with our various challenges.  We started our day by making shields to represent our three mixed-age teams: 
Then we headed outside to complete our challenges.  Click on the homework tab above to head over to our Team Tiger page to find out what happened next...
How did we work together to fill our measuring cylinders?  And what did we need these items for?
We hope you enjoy trying some of these challenges at home too - they were great fun!  And if you fancy some more challenges in the great outdoors, have a look at what Madeleine has sent through for you this week:
I wonder how many of these you can complete during the summer holidays?  It is time for me to handover to Mrs Clegg now but, before I do, I would just like to wish everyone a very happy and safe summer break.  You have all worked so hard through these unusual times, Mrs Clegg and I couldn't be prouder of you all, Tigers!
Miss Mandelson

Well Tigers, this is my last daily update of this school year!  I can’t believe it is the end of the Summer term already…..
I have sent your Phonics Plan via email, the only other task I would like you to do today is think about your best memory from our school year, then draw a picture, write a sentence and send it to me via email, so I can add it to our ‘Memories’ page on the website.  You will see Olivia’s on there already.  Tomorrow is a teacher training day so there will be no work set.  However, we would like to ask you to continue reading and going through your Phonics over Summer, to ensure we can get off to a flying start in September!

We had two interesting visitors in Tiger Class yesterday....

Memphis the tortoise....and....

...a wasp's nest!  Luckily an old, empty one!
Thank you very much to Matthew and Mark for bringing them in to share with us.  We had some really interesting discussions, and watched some short videos to find out more.

This morning in school we are going to do some sports activities and enjoy a last lunch together.  Those of you at home have all done an amazing job with your home learning, and we are very proud of your achievements.  We hope you all have a restful Summer and we look forward to welcoming everybody back in September!

Take care, Mrs Clegg x
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