Rocket Class Weekly News 17th September
Mrs Clegg
17 Sep 2021  -  Pri: 24/09/2021
Week Beginning 7.9.21
Mrs Clegg
09 Sep 2021





Week commencing 29th June 2020

Miss Mandelson and Mrs Clegg - 27 Jun 2020

Welcome back to another week of learning whether this be at school or at home.  This week's daily plan can be found here:
Another Monday has arrived already and today we are looking forward to welcoming a few more Tigers back to class.  Someone else who will be joining our 'bubble' is Mrs Sharp, who is returning to school to lend a hand on Mondays and Tuesdays until the end of term.

It will be lovely to have Mrs Sharp back with us for a while.
This week we are moving on with our work around feelings and emotions to focus on kindness.  We have seen lots of acts of kindness throughout these unusual times.  Can you think of someone who has been kind to you?  Or can you think of something kind that you have done for someone else?  We are going to be sharing lots of stories about kindness this week and thinking of ways that we can colour our world with kindness.

Someone I know who is always very kind is Reverend Cleeves.  Every week he sends an email to me to say that he is thinking of us all and hoping that everyone is well.  He and Reverend Sian thoughtfully prepare a Collective Worship for us each week too.  Today's Collective Worship is all about how important and unique each one of us is - we are more than a number!  Click below to take a look:
Have a great day, Tigers!  I shall be around to chat by email between 2-3pm today if I can help with anything.

Good morning, Tigers! How are you today?  Today is the last day of June - which month will start tomorrow?  Yesterday we enjoyed our first two stories on the theme of kindness.  The Tigers in school were keen to try the jar of kindness idea mentioned in the book 'Kind' so today we have a jar ready to drop a pebble into each time we spot someone being kind.  I wonder how long it will take to fill the jar to the top?  We also thought we would record the acts of kindness on strips of paper and then link them together to form a paper chain of kindness to decorate and spread kindness all over the classroom.  Maybe you could try this at home too.  Remember how the little boy sharing his apple led to a chain reaction of kindness...
Another way to record your acts of kindness is to make a kindness chart.  This Oak Academy lesson shows you how...

Click on the image above to find the lesson.

Or if you have not got time to make a chart, you could use one of these:




Finally, as the JAM team are still unable to come in to school to do a 'messy church' session, they have sent some activities for you to try at home.  What a kind and thoughtful thing for them to do!  Head over to the JAM page (in school events) or click below:
Hope your day is full of kindness, Tigers!  Again, I shall be available to chat by email between 2 - 3pm today once the Tigers in school have headed home.

Hello Tigers...and happy July!  We can't believe that we only have a couple of weeks to go before the end of the summer term - what a strange term it has been!  It has been lovely welcoming some more of our Tigers back to class this week.  Mrs Sharp and I have had a super couple of days with you all and I know that Mrs Clegg and Mrs Cornforth are looking forward to seeing you today.  Our classroom has been full of kindness and it has been great to see how the children have supported each other, showing patience, giving compliments and generally lending a hand.  We have quite a few pebbles in the jar already and have made a great start on our paper chain of kindness.  I wonder how long it will be by the time we reach the summer holidays.  If you are learning at home, we would love to hear how you are getting on too.  Have you devised a way to record your acts of kindess?  Drop us a line or send us a photo if you get a minute.  I shall be on the class emails this morning.

Madeleine tells us that 'International Mud Day' falls this week!  Who knew such a day existed?!  Here is a little song to get you in the mood...

We hope you have lots of fun with Madeleine's activity.  Cick here to find out how to celebrate Mud, Mud Glorious Mud:
BUT don't forget to take off your wellies or clean your feet before you come back into the house!
"Wipe your feet, wipe your feet, wipe your dirty, nasty feet!" as Babushka would say!
What kind children we have in Tiger class!  I really enjoyed my day in school yesterday, hearing all about our chain of kindness and our jar of pebbles.  I added some links to the chain because I heard children helping others to find their belongings and saying kind things to each other.  Miss Mandelson and I are so lucky to have such a kind class!  We are very proud of you all.

Your parents will have received your annual report yesterday.  We hope that they shared it with you and that you are all proud of everything you have achieved, as well as knowing what your next steps are when we come back in September.  We will be sad to say 'goodbye' to our Year Twos (although they will only be next door!), but we are looking forward to welcoming our new Reception children, who are hopefully coming to say 'hello' later this afternoon.  I'm sure all of the Tigers will make them feel very welcome, and give us lots more reasons to add links to our kindness chain!

Have a lovely day Tigers!
Goodness me the weather is shocking at the moment isn't it?  Last week we were having water fights...this week we've had the heater on in school and Ted even wore his jumper "for the second time this year!"  Have you looked at our new Tiger Gallery for July?  There are photos of Ted and Kitty carrying out acts of kindness at home.  Have you done something kind?  Don't forget to let us know about it!

You will see on your Daily Plans that I have asked you to have a think about our outdoor area.  Mrs Taylor has allocated us some money to revamp outside so I would like you to have a little think at home about whether you like what we have outside at the moment (the wooden balancing equipment, the mud kitchen, the tyres etc), and what else you might like to see outside.  I have already met with some outdoor play designers and they are coming up with some ideas too, so I look forward to sharing these with you and seeing how we can also tie in your ideas.

It was lovely to welcome Alexander, Archie, Emily, Jessie and Lily to school yesterday afternoon.  Some new friendships were formed and a lovely time was had by all!  Luckily the rain paused for long enough for our new Tiger cubs to explore the outdoors.  They enjoyed sampling Sharon's delicious cooking too!  We look forward to welcoming them back soon.

Have a lovely weekend Tigers...only two weeks until the summer holidays!  Take care and stay safe smiley

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