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Week commencing 22nd June 2020

Miss Mandelson and Mrs Clegg - 20 Jun 2020

Welcome back to a new week.  The following plans have been put together for use at school and at home.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can help in any way.
Hello Tigers!  We hope that you had a fantastic weekend.  We have celebrated the summer solstice over the weekend - this is when the sun reaches its highest position in the sky and we have the day with the longest period of sunlight.  It is set to get very hot as the week wears on so remember to slip, slap, slop when you are playing outside!

This week we shall be continuing to think about feelings and emotions through colours, using two different books which each have the same title:   The Colour Thief.  We shall be looking at these stories in class and, if you are learning at home, your daily plan (above) will show you how you can find the first story and join in too.

For Music Monday, I would like you to listen to the song Colours by Kira Willey.  Click on the image below to find it:

The lyrics of the song describe how each colour makes the composer feel.  I wonder how you feel today?  I hope you feel as bright and happy as a butterfly in the air or maybe you are as calm as glass and as cool as the sea!  Click below to read the lyrics of the song and then have a go at making up your own version.  I have made a template which you can print and write on or you could save it onto your computer and edit it.  I would love to see your ideas.  Maybe we could choose an idea from each of you to put together in our own Tiger Class version?
Whatever you are doing today, have a great day Tigers.  I shall be online to chat by email between 2-3pm today.

Good morning, Tigers!  How are you today?  It was lovely to hear from some of you that you had enjoyed yesterday's Colours song - well done to those who had a go at writing their own version.  If you did not get time, don't worry.  The children at school will be working on their ideas this morning.

If you get time today why not click on the image below to hear a story from Rev Sian:
I wonder if you can guess which story she has chosen to read for Collective Worship today?  Her friend, Bramble the sheep, is a big clue!  

For the older children, this is the last week of our topic work on Rosa Parks before starting a new project next week.  Head over to the History-PSHE page to consolidate your work.  Maybe you could make up a quiz for your Tiger teachers and friends by thinking of some questions about her and her story.  If you feel that you have already had enough time to complete this work, you might like to have a look at the story below instead:

It is not long now until we shall be welcoming five new Tiger Cubs into our class in September.  Last week we delivered letters to each of our new starters to say how much we are looking forward to them starting school.  We met some very excited children!  Do you remember your first day at school?  How did you feel?  It is an exciting time but I am sure you may have been a little bit nervous too.  In the story above, the main character called Clarine starts a new school.  When you read the story, think about how she and some of the other characters are feeling in different parts of the story and talk about your ideas with a grown-up.

I shall be online looking at emails between 2-3pm again today - it would be lovely to hear from you if you get time to say hello.  Have fun, Tigers!
Hello Tigers!  Are you ready for some HOT weather today?  Have you filled your water bottles and put on your sun cream?  I have really enjoyed my colourful week so far with you all - between us we have come up with some wonderful ideas for our Colours song, both at home and at school.  Well done!  The Tigers at school have enjoyed experimenting with colours each morning as they have arrived, mixing all sorts of shades and tints to create some pictures inspired by Kandinsky.  It was lovely to hear that some children at home have been doing this too...just by chance! Can you spot your work below?
Mixing colours has been a really relaxing settling in activity each day and Mrs Millions and I have been very impressed with the range of colours created using only the primary colours, white and black.  It was lovely to end our two days in class with this colourful, thought-provoking video recommended to us by Mrs Hatch for our reflection time.  You are probably thinking that it does not look very colourful but click on the image and see what happens...

A big thank you to Mrs Hatch - this was the perfect way to finish our colourful theme.  We enjoyed it so much that we watched it twice!

And finally, here is your activity from Madeleine for your Forest School time today, all about...grass!

  -Forest school task sheet WC 22.6.20.pdf-  

  -Grasses ID sheet .pdf-  

Have fun, Tigers!  And I look forward to seeing you on Teams tomorrow if you can make it!


Wow, look at those beans!  Mark sent me this photo yesterday so I could see how much his 'beans in a bag' have grown.  I couldn't believe my eyes!  How are your beans doing?  Have you eaten any yet?  Mark is having his with his Sunday lunch...I wonder if there's space at the table for one more..?!wink

Wasn't the weather lovely yesterday?  The Tigers at school managed to stay cool ....because I was feeling a bit mischievous and I squirted them with a hosepipe!  Ted even decided to have a bath in the water tray!  What did you do to cool down?  When I got home I gave my dogs some ice cubes to play with.  Have you ever tried it with your pets?  Mine love it, they chase the ice cubes around the floor, licking furiously!

I hope to see lots of you this afternoon on Teams; if you have any problems joining, send an email to our Tigers account and we will try to resolve the issue during the call.  Remember to have something to show or something to tell!  See you soon!
Another hot day yesterday Tigers!  Hope you all managed to stay cool?  Some of the Tigers went home from school a bit wet again....!  

It was lovely to see some of you on Teams yesterday too.  Just a reminder that as we have our new starters visiting next Thursday afternoon, there won't be a Teams meeting next week.  It was nice to see all of the things you brought to show us: Mark and Ted brought beans, Kitty brought a camera, Olivia brought five caterpillars, Daisy brought a portrait of her mum, Bibi brought a toy school and Evie told us about her visit to Fountains Abbey.  What a great range for show and tell!  Well done everybody!

Lastly, just a couple of reminders: please keep practising your Phonics at home with your flashcards and tricky words (keep reading too!), and Year 1 and 2 children need to also remember to go on TT Rockstars and MyMaths at least once a week.

Have a lovely weekend Tigers and we look forward to seeing more of you next week.  Take care!


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