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Week Commencing 4th May 2020

Miss Mandelson and Mrs Clegg - 03 May 2020

Good morning, Tigers...and May the Fourth (force) be with you!!   (A little Star Wars joke for you there!)  We hope you all had a fantastic weekend and are raring to go for another week of home-learning.
Miss Mandelson got quite a shock on Friday as she thought she saw St George in Joe Wicks' living room when she tuned in for PE with Joe!
You might spot another difference when you tune in today as Joe has hurt his hand (maybe that dragon bit him?!) so there will be a supply teacher showing us what to do this morning.
If you feel like something a little bit different when you have finished your Phonics, Maths and English today, Mrs Harris suggests some body percussion for your Monday music lesson.  She recommends Beat Goes on - click on the image below to have a go at some nursery rhymes or explore the YouTube channel for more ideas:

Bonjour, les Tigres! C'est mardi - it is Tuesday.  How are you getting on with your home-learning this week?  Don't forget that you can get in touch by email if you need any help:
Just to let you know that the teachers have a staff meeting via Zoom at 9.30 this morning, so I may need to respond to emails a little later than usual if they come in after this time.  It has been lovely to see that so many children were reading on Bug Club yesterday.  Well done to Autumn, Hermione, Daisy, Olivia and Kitty.  We know that lots of you have been enjoying all sorts of books - Charlie has been reading Mr Gum and Ted has been reading books by David Walliams.  Matilda, we know that you are reading everyday too.  If you are running out of books to read and fancy a change from Bug Club, why not give Oxford Owls a try...
Although your mum or dad need to register, it is completely FREE to sign up and then you will be able to choose from a whole library of eBooks for every age group.  If you have read a good book recently and would recommend it to others, why not let us know.

Following on from our project work about St George, we would have been starting a new Geography topic today.  Can you remember what sorts of things we learn about in Geography?  Head over to the Geography Project page (click on the Homework tab above to find it) and find out what this term's topic is all about...

Hello Tigers!  How are you today?  Did you notice that the school website looks a little bit different?  We hope you found your way to this page without too much trouble.  It has been lovely to hear from some of you about what you are reading at the moment - maybe we should set up a page where we can post your book recommendations.  I have been reading a little bit in the evenings - I wonder if the Year 2s recognise the book I have just finished...
I know that many of you have been enjoying this book as part of your Oak Academy English lessons. I wonder how you are getting on as you prepare to write your setting descriptions?  Olivia has been busy getting her ideas together by drawing Mount Merapi. 
I shall be back checking emails at the usual time today - just get in touch if I can help in any way or even if you just want to say hello.  It is always lovely to hear from you. (Just scroll up to yesterday's update to find the email address.)

Madeleine was so impressed by how many of you made dandelion juice last week.  Well done!  Today she has sent you some activities based on 'Stick Man', one of my favourite books!  You will need some tools for this activity and so it must be done with an adult.  Please be very careful!

  -Forest school task sheet WC 4.5.20.pdf-  

  -Whittling with a peeler.pdf-  

Have a lovely day Tigers!

Hello Tigers!  Hope you are all well and have been enjoying the sunshine?  My hayfever is terrible at the moment; I wonder whether any of you suffer from hayfever?  It hasn't stopped me from playing outside in the garden though!  We are lucky to be able to go out for our daily exercise, but some elderly people aren't so lucky; there's a fabulous initiative that the National Literacy Trust has set up called 'My Dear New Friend', which encourages children to write letters and draw pictures to send to residents of care homes.  Here's the weblink if any of you are interested:
I would love to know if any of you decide to do this.  Remember to keep in touch via email!

Tomorrow is VE Day, I wonder if any of you have heard anything about this special day in the news?  I have noticed lots of flags appearing in windows. But why do we celebrate it?  If you would like to find out more then click here:


If you would like to spend your Bank Holiday weekend doing a little VE Day project I have put together some resources you might like to do with your family.  Don't forget to email us a photo!

  -VE Day KS1 Reading Comprehension.pdf-  


  -Bunting template.pdf-  

Also, if you get chance to look under the 'Homework' tab there is a new page, 'Tiger Gallery'.  Keep checking back here to see what your fellow Tigers have been getting up to!
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