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Weekly News 28th February

Miss Mandelson and Mrs Clegg - 28 Feb 2020

Whatever the Weather!
What a start to the week!  Well done to all the Tigers who braved the elements on Monday morning for the return to school.  We had great fun in the snow and have been desperately hoping for more all week!
Despite all the excitement, the children were very focused as we collaborated together to plan a sequel to the story of Rapunzel.  We have some budding authors who are now working from the plan to produce some super stories - Bethan Woollvin would be very impressed with them, we are sure.  Well done too to Hermione who has spent the half-term holidays working on a range of stories from which she has produced some beautifully illustrated books.  The children really enjoyed sharing these at story time and unanimously agreed that Hermione deserved a WOW!

In the Number aspect of Mathematics, we have embarked on a new unit looking at division.  The children have used concrete materials to explore sharing to make equal groups and the older children have taken this a step futher by using 'bar models' to devise division number sentences:
shows that 27 divided into three equal parts is nine or 27 ÷ 3 = 9
It was lovely to see how well the Reception and Year One children worked in pairs to investigate how many ways they could share 10 biscuits equally.  They did a great job of recording their findings before eating their resources, washed down with some of Babushka's ginger cordial! (They did share the biscuits fairly with the whole class first though!)

Year Twos have had a tricky week as they have been showing us how much they have learned by completing some assessments.  They have done remarkably well and we are very proud of their achievements.  Well done Year Two!

In our Maths with Mrs Clegg, we have started to learn about time.  We have had some interesting discussions about different types of clocks.  Somebody told us "I don't have any clocks in my house!"  But when we thought about watches, Fitbits and digital alarm clocks, they realised that they did! We learnt two new words- 'analogue' and 'digital', see if your child can remember what they mean!

In our English work with Mrs Clegg, we have been finishing off our newspapers and re-tellings of Little Red.  There has been some beautiful handwriting as well as some accomplished typing!  Well done Tigers!

Our Science work this half term is all about plants and growing.  We enjoyed investigating a pomegranate, a butternut squash and a mango.  We couldn't believe the difference in the size and texture of the seeds inside!  Tasting the mango went down very well too!

Don't forget to keep reading at home, practising Tricky Words and My Maths!  Have a lovely weekend!  Miss Mandelson is looking forward to seeing you at the Pancake Party on Sunday at North Stainley Village Hall - this is in place of this half-term's Messy Church.

*  We are collecting cardboard tubes for an upcoming Art project- please could you send in any kitchen roll tubes, wrapping paper rolls etc?  Thank you, Mrs Clegg*
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