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Weekly News 14th February 2020

Miss Mandelson and Mrs Clegg - 13 Feb 2020

There has been no winding down in Tiger Class during the run up to half-term!  The children have all worked super hard completing lots of assessment tasks as well as finishing off a range of projects.  They will all be ready for a good rest as we break up for half-term!

Miss Mandelson is very pleased with the effort all the children have put in to their 'wanted posters' despite some technical issues with the laptops.  A particular well done to Matilda who showed great determination, independence and stamina to re-do her poster when some of her work was lost.  It was also very pleasing to see the Reception children showing great independence when designing their posters - each one writing a series of sentences with very little support.  We have really enjoyed studying this alternative version of Rapunzel and Miss Mandelson hopes that the children will have some good ideas so that they can collaborate to produce on a sequel after the break.

The children were excited to discover another parcel this week.  This time it contained the Bethan Woollvin version of Hansel and Gretel.  As with her other books there was a bit of a twist and we found out that some witches can be good witches!  This led to a Hansel and Gretel-themed morning on Wednesday which was supported by Mrs Cooper and Mrs Millions.  The children worked together on a range of activities, including baking gingerbread people, designing a new home for the witch and solving number puzzles.  Our Geography work also centred around the story as the children used a written description of a route to create maps to show Hansel and Gretel the way home.  We identified features and landmarks which should be included and used our knowledge of the points of the compass too.

In Mathematics, the children have worked on a range of arithmetic and reasoning tasks to practise and consolidate all the work they have done so far this academic year.  For the younger children, this has focused on place value in numbers up to 20.

In Maths with Mrs Clegg, the children have been doing lots of measuring in centimetres and metres- measuring everything from finger length to classroom length!  They are becoming very competent in using rulers and metre sticks- well done Tigers.  Remember to look on MyMaths to consolidate your learning!

Our Science this week led to lots of "whoops" and "gasps!"  The children had a huge bag of material to investigate whether they could make it waterproof, only using candles.  They then tested how successful they had been by placing the material in a large bowl of water and putting a toy figure on top- most of the time the toy stayed dry!  The children were amazed at how successful candle wax was in making their material waterproof.  They couldn't believe that when they took the material out of the water it still felt dry and any droplets just sat on top of the water.  Maybe you could do some more invetsigating during half term?

It is not just the children who have been working hard this week!  We would like to say a huge thank you to Mrs Petchey who gave up a morning to help us to do a big clear up in the outdoor area...and to Mr Stainthorp who provided a trailer to take everything away.  We are really looking forward to some more spring-like weather as we make plans to  continue to spruce up and develop the outdoor learning space.  Fingers crossed that this better weather will start over the half-term break.

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