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Weekly News 24th January 2020

24 Jan 2020

The adventures continue...
The week got off to a great start with the success of our Tiger Class gymnastics team who took part in the Key Steps competition at Ripon Leisure Centre on Monday.  Well done to Autumn, Ted, Matilda, Olivia and Mark who came a fantastic third place out of the schools which took part.  This is a great achievement and we are very proud of you.  Many thanks to Mrs Milions and Mrs McNamara who accompanied the children and to Mrs Cooper, of course, who helped the children to learn the routines in a short space of time.
The children (and Miss Mandelson!) were very very excited to find another note from Rapunzel hiding inside our class text at the beginning of the week.  We have been enlisted to help Rapunzel to defeat the witches and our first job was to help her to understand what a 'curse' is.  The children worked together to come up with a definition and then hunted for examples of curses in familiar fairy tales.  Daisy absolutely amazed us with her detailed knowledge of fairy tales, including some very obscure ones.  She explained to her friends that she has many versions at home which belonged to her mum when she was a little girl and she also likes to borrow them from the public library.  You are certainly very well-read, Daisy!  The children have written some super letters in reply to Rapunzel and were keen that Miss Mandelson should drop them off at the Marmion Tower as soon as possible!

Our English work with Mrs Clegg has seen us 'hot-seating' Little Red!  It was our first time doing this, but we enjoyed dressing up as Little Red and becoming the character to take questions from our friends.  There were some fantastic questions asked, such as "what sort of animals did you see in the woods on the way to Grandma's?" and "did you shave the wolf?"  Even more impressive, those in the 'hot-seat' could think on their feet and give very creative answers to the questions they were asked.  We really can't wait to do some more drama like this again!

In Mathematics the children have continued to explore multiplication by making equal groups and describing them.  They have also begun to use repeated addition to find the total number of objects in the groups.  There has also been a lot of estimating and counting reliably as we have been 'stock-taking' for the witches in our new Potion Lab in the classroom.  The children have been trying hard to make sure that the correct number of frogs, toads, lizards, etc go back into the containers when it is tidy up time.

In Science, we countinued our experiments looking at the absorbancy of different materials.  We were intrigued to see how water droplets sit on top of some materials, whereas they soak straight into others.  We asked lots of good questions like real Scientists!

We have also produced some super art work based on our traditional tales- look out for our new display in the entrance hall!

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