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Miss Mandelson - 19 Oct 2018

We have been dealing with some BIG numbers in Tiger Class this Autumn!  It all started when the children asked if we could collect conkers on our way back from church again.  Last year the whole class worked together and between them collected 473 conkers.  This year we went to the same place on the same date yet managed to fill 3 bags - we knew straight away that we had more than last year!

We set about counting GOAT group's conkers first, by grouping into tens and then into hundreds:


They had managed to find 507 between them!  We compared their conkers with the conkers collected by the other two groups to help us to estimate.  Then we set about counting SHEEP group's collection:


 They had found 565 conkers!

We estimated that COW group had found the most.  Their bag was VERY heavy and we thought this might be due to them having more children in their group.  We used a grid to help us count the conkers accurately:


 We were right - they had found 738!

Next came some really big calculations to find out how many conkers we had collected altogether:


We had found an amazing 1810 conkers altogether!!  Over lunch, Dylan and Jack set about working out how many more we would have needed to reach 2000...only 190!

Who says it's not a good year for conkers this year?  It certainly has been in West Tanfield!

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